Cahir Park B 2019
Eoin Corbett, Jimmy English, Ger Quinn, Darragh Conway, John-Alan Lowes and James Coughlan
Simon Williams, Shane O'Regan, Shane O'Neill, Keith McGuire and Dylan Flynn 

Cahir Park B - The treble winners 2019


                                                                              Cahir Park B - League and Shield Winners 2019


Friday August 21 2020  

At Celtic Park, Bansha

TSDL League Division Two Play-Off

  Cullen-Lattin  1  Cahir Park  1

(Cullen-Lattin win 5-4 on pens)

Sunday August 2  2020  

TSDL League Division Two

  Rosegreen Rangers  2  Cahir Park  4

Sunday July 26  2020 

TSDL League Division Two

  Cahir Park  1  Cullen-Lattin  1

Sunday July 19  2020 

TSDL League Division Two

Cashel Town  0  Cahir Park  2

Sunday February 23 2020 

TSDL League Division Two

Galbally United  0  Cahir Park  2

Sunday February 2 2020 

TSDL League Division Two

Cullen Lattin  2  Cahir Park  1

Sunday 26 January 2020 

TSDL League Division Two

   Kilmanahan United  4  Cahir Park  2

Sunday January 19 2020

Tipperary Cup, second round

Cahir Park  B  0    Cashel Town  3

Sunday January 5 2020

TSDL League Division Two

Cahir Park  5   Kilsheelan United  1

Sunday December 8 2019

TSDL League Division Two

 Cahir Park  7  Donohill & District  2

Sunday November 24 2019 

Tipperary Cup, first round

  Burncourt Celtic  1  Cahir Park B   4

Sunday November 17 2019 

TSDL League Division Two

  Cahir Park B  1  Cashel Town B  1

Sunday November 10 2019 

Paddy Purtill Cup, first round

  Cahir Park B  0  Peake Villa B  2

Sunday October 13 2019

TSDL League Division Two

 Cahir Park  1  Galbally United  1

Sunday September 22 2019 

TSDL League Division Two

 Cahir Park  2  Rosegreen Rangers  2

Sunday September 15 2019 

TSDL League Division Two

 Donohill & District  2  Cahir Park  5

Sunday September 8 2019 

TSDL Shield Division Two

 Galbally United   4   Cahir Park  1

Sunday September 1 2019 

TSDL League Division Two

  Cahir Park   4   Kilmanahan United  0

Sunday August 25 2019 

TSDL League Division Two

 Kilsheelan United  1  Cahir Park  2


Sunday March 31 2019

Peter O'Reilly Cup final

at Palmershill Park, Cashel

   Cahir Park B   1  Killenaule Rovers  0

(Cahir Park B complete the treble)

Saturday March 16 2019 

TSDL Division Three Shield Final

  Mullinahone  0    Cahir Park B  2

Sunday March 10 2019 

TSDL Division Three 

   Cahir Park B  7   Tipperary Town B  0

Sunday February 24 2019 

TSDL Division Three 

   Cahir Park B  5  Killusty  0

Sunday February 17 2019 

TSDL Division Three 

    Bansha Celtic B  0   Cahir Park B   4

Sunday February 10 2019

TSDL Division Three 

    St Nicholas  1  Cahir Park B   5

Sunday February 3 2019 

TSDL Division Three 

  Mullinahone  5  Cahir Park B  1

Sunday January 27 2019

Peter O'Reilly Cup, semi final

   Cahir Park B   2   Mullinahone  1

Sunday January 13 2019 

TSDL Division Three 

    Cashel Town B  1  Cahir Park B  1

Sunday January 6 2019 

TSDL Division Three 

    Cahir Park B  1  Killenaule Rovers  2

Sunday December 9 2018 

Tipperary Cup, first round

    Cahir Park B  1  Peake Villa B  3

Sunday December 2 2018 

TSDL Division Three 

    Cahir Park B  1   Bansha Celtic B   0

Sunday November 25 2018

Peter O'Reilly Cup, second round

   Kilsheelan United B  1   Cahir Park B  6

Sunday November 18 2018 

TSDL Division Three Shield, semi-final

    Cahir Park B  3  Bansha Celtic B   2

Sunday November 11 2018 

Peter O'Reilly Cup, first round 

    Cahir Park B  2  Cashel Town B  1

Sunday October 28 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

  Kilsheelan United  0  Cahir Park  6    

Sunday October 21 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

  Cahir Park  6  Mullinahone  3

Sunday October 14 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

  Killusty  2   Cahir Park  4

Sunday October 7 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

  Cahir Park  8  St Nicholas  1 

Sunday September 30 2018 

TSDL Shield, quarter final 

  Cahir Park  3  Cashel Town  0

Sunday September 23 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

Tipperary Town  1  Cahir Park  3

Sunday September 16 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

  Cahir Park  1  Cashel Town  1

Sunday September 9 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

  Killenaule Rovers  0  Cahir Park  3

Sunday August 26 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

  Cahir Park  6  Kilsheelan United B  0


TSDL Division Three Table 2018/19

Cahir Park B(C) 16132141
Cashel Town B(P)16106036
Killenaule Rovers1683527
Mullinahone 1674525
St Nicholas  1674525
Bansha Celtic B   1672723
Tipperary Town B1661919
Killusty   1621137
Kilsheelan Utd B1601151

TSDL Division Three Scores Matrix 2018/19

Cahir Park B6310111281506070621745
Bansha Celtic B04120042032163122731-4
Cashel Town B1110503301216121331419
Killenaule Rovers0320321200303032362610
St Nicholas15331211211042113037-7
Kilsheelan Utd B06110215181213031369-56
Tipperary Town B13142301011230502829-1

Teams' table position in Div 3 after games played 2018/19

Game12345678910111213141516Max Pts
Cahir Park B 111111111112211141
Bansha Celtic B766777887777776623
Cashel Town B422222222221112236
Killenaule Rovers888888555555344027
St Nicholas254444433333345425
Tipperary Town B576733344466666719
Kilsheelan Utd B69999999999999991


all competitions 2018/19

 Paddy Wack O'Donnell25
 Kevin Murray12
 Jonas Kerr10
 Alan O'Donoghue5
 Tom Keating3
Dylan Nugent4
Cavan McKenna2
James English2
Darragh Conway2
Rhys Chowtie1
James Pimmy Darcy1
Tommy McDonagh1
Jake Kiely1
Sean Murphy1
Shane Regan1
Pa Doyle1
Billy Duggan1
Rob Kelly1
Ross Condon1
Cormac Crowe1
All Scorers 76
Average Per Player203.80


Sunday  5 May 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

 Bansha Celtic B   5   Cahir Park  B   2

Sunday  22 April 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

 Cahir Park  0   Killenaule Rovers  2

Sunday  25 March 2018  

TSDL Third Division 

  Tipperary Town B  0  Cahir Park B  3

Sunday  11 March 2018  

TSDL Third Division 

  Cahir Park  1  Kilmanahan United  3

Sunday  25 February 2018  

TSDL Third Division 

  Cahir Park  0  Two-Mile-Borris  2

Saturday 17 February 2018 

Clonmel Credit Union Tipperary Cup

Second Round 

 Cahir Park  0   Clonmel Celtic 3

Sunday  4 February 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

 Ballyneale  1  Cahir Park  2

Sunday 28 January 2018 

TSDL Third Division 

   Cahir Park  8  Bansha Celtic 0

Sunday  7 January 2018

Tipperary Cup, first round 

  Killenaule Rovers  2  Cahir Park  1

Sunday 31 December 2017 

TSDL Third Division 

Killusty  1   Cahir Park   3

Sunday 3 December 2017 

TSDL Third Division 

Cahir Park   3   Moyglass United   0

Sunday 26 November 2017 

TSDL Third Division 

Killenaule Rovers  1   Cahir Park  2

Sunday 19 November 2017 

Peter O'Reilly Cup, first round

Ballyneale  4  Cahir Park  0

Sunday 12 November 2017 

TSDL Third Division 

  Cahir Park  1   Tipperary Town  0

Sunday 5 November 2017 

TSDL Third Division 

  Cahir Park  8   Bansha Celtic  0

Sunday 29 October 2017 

TSDL Third Division 

Two Mile Borris  2   Cahir Park  3

Sunday 7 October 2017 

TSDL Third Division 

Cullen-Lattin B   0   Cahir Park  5

Sunday 24 September 2017

TSDL Third Division 

Cahir Park  2  Killusty  2

Sunday 17 September 2017 

TSDL Third Division at 3pm

Moyglass United  2  Cahir Park  1

Sunday 10 September 2017 

TSDL Third Division 

Cahir Park  0  Ballyneale  1

Saturday 2 September 2017 

TSDL Third Division Shield, First Round

 Kilmanahan United  3   Cahir Park  2

Sunday 27 August 2017

TSDL Third Division 

Kilmanahan United 0  Cahir Park 3


TSDL Division Three 2017/18       
  CPk Ballyn Bansha Cshl BCul Ltn Killen Kilman KillustyMoy TMB Tpp Twn FADiff
Cahir Park B1180    021322300210402218
Ballyneale124011  6123  723122442321
Bansha Celtic B5241  32  14  0104112039-19
Cashel Town B      12  02    03  210-8
Cullen Lattin B05      31    2724  1232-20
Killenaule Rovers120510    14223224011739-22
Kilmanahan United034052  9020  214161552134
Killusty130341    31      3122157
Moyglass United211211    225223132131238
Two Mile Borris B2312      2013  62  402317
Tipperary Town B0304122021102204  161637-21

TSDL Division Three 2017/18

Kilmanahan United16131240
Ballyneale             16102432
Cahir Park B  17101631
Two Mile Borris B    1490527
Tipperary Town B    1653818
Moyglass United1552817
Killusty   942314
Bansha Celtic B   1442814
Killenaule Rovers16321111
Cullen Lattin B 82066
Cashel Town B 50141

Teams' table position after games played 2017/18
Game 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Cahir Park B   8 7 5 4 4 3 3 1 2 1 1 2 2 3 3      
Ballyneale 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2        
Bansha Celtic B 9 8 9 9 9 8 8 8 8 8 8 8            
Cashel Town B 11 11 11                              
Killenaule Rovers 9 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 9 9 9 9 9 9        
Kilmanahan United 5 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1        
Killusty 6 7 5 5 6 6 7                      
Cullen Lattin B 9 5 5 8 8 10                        
Tipperary Town B 2 6 2 4 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5        
Moyglass United 10 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 6          
Two Mile Borris B   6 3 5 6 6 4 4 4 4 4 4 4            


all competitions 2017/18

 Ger Quinn8
 William Dunne4
 Andy Fitzpatrick3
Tom Keating3
Tom Burke2
AN Other2
Shane O'Neill2
Pa Meehan2
Jimmy Coughlan1
Johnny Coveney1
Rhys Chowtie1
Paddy Kenneally1
Shane Ryan1
Darragh Conway1
Jack Duggan1
Seanie Kiernan1
James English1
Kevin Murray1
Alan O'Donnell1
Scorers 37
Per Player191.95


Sunday 26 March 2017 

TSDL League, Division Three

 Tipperary Town B  1   Cahir Park B  8

Sunday 19 March 2017

TSDL League, Division Three

 Kilmanahan United 3   Cahir Park B  1

Sunday 12 March 2017 

TSDL League, Division Three

 Cahir Park B  1   Clonmel Town B  3

Sunday 12 February 2017 

Peter O'Reilly Cup, semi-final

 Peake Villa  4   Cahir Park B  0

Sunday 5 February 2017 

TSDL League, Division Three

 Cahir Park B  7  Killenaule Rovers  2

Sunday 22 January 2017 

TSDL League, Division Three

 Ballyneale  0  Cahir Park  B  0

Sunday 15 January 2017

TSDL League, Division Three

 Bansha Celtic B  1   Cahir Park B  2

Sunday 8 January 2017 

TSDL League, Division Three

 Cahir Park B  3    Kilmanahan United  1

Sunday 11 December 2016 

Tipperary Cup, first round

Old Bridge  4  Cahir Park  B  1

Sunday  20  November 2016 

Peter O'Reilly Cup, second round

Tipperary Town B  0  Cahir Park B  2

Sunday  13  November 2016

TSDL Third Division 

Killenaule  1   Cahir Park B  3

Sunday  6  November 2016

TSDL Third Division 

Peake Villa B  3   Cahir Park B  0

Sunday 5  November 2016 

TSDL Third Division 

Cashel Town B  4   v   Cahir Park B  2

Sunday 30 October 2016 

TSDL Third Division 

 Clonmel Town B 2   Cahir Park B 2

Sunday 16 October 2016

TSDL Third Division 

  Cahir Park B  3  Ballyneale  2

Sunday 9 October 2016 

TSDL Third Division 

Killusty  3  Cahir Park B  1

Sunday 2 October 2016 

TSDL Third Division 

Cahir Park B 0   Bansha Celtic B  2

Sunday 25 September 2016 

TSDL Third Division Shield quarter-final

   Cahir Park B  0  Tipperary Town B  6

Sunday 18 September 2016

TSDL Third Division 

   Cahir Park B  2  Tipperary Town B  1

Saturday 4 September 2016

TSDL Shield Division Three, quarter-final 

  Cahir Park B  7  Killusty  0

Sunday 21 August 2016

TSDL Third Division 

   Cahir Park B  3  Peake Villa  6

TSDL Division Three 2016/17       
  CPk Ballyn Bansha Town B Killen Kilman Killusty Peake  Tpp Twn FADiff
Cahir Park B320213723110362137316
Bansha Celtic B12431315022614062058-38
Clonmel Town B22606161102211023592039
Peake Villa B3021604310529001562531
Tipperary Town B183022143002410133267

TSDL League 
Division Three Table 2016/17

Peake Villa B(C)16140242
Clonmel Town B(P)16113236
Tipperary Town B1683527
Cahir Park B  1682626
Ballyneale     (R)1634913
Bansha Celtic B                              (R)1621137

Teams' table position after games played 2016/17

Cahir Park B66555555554
Ballyneale  777886778
Bansha Celtic B   99899999
Clonmel Town B  444332222
Killenaule 5566776666
Killusty   43333455
Peake Villa B  111111111
Tipperary Town B  222222333


all competitions 2016/17


Kevin Murray10
Dylan Gayson9
Tom Keating4
Jason Allen3
Willie Dunne2
Paddy Kenneally2
Jason Morrissey2
Matthew Darcy2
James English2
Paddy O'Donnell1
Gavin Berry1
Ger O'Dwyer1
Rhys Chowtie1
Dean O'Brien1
Gary Murphy1
Shane Edwards 1
Mark Costigan1
John Allen 1
James Darcy1
Scorers 46
 (all competitions)  
Per Player192.42



Clonmel Credit Union League  Division 3  Results Matrix 2010/11



C Pk B

C / Ltn






Burncourt Celtic










Cahir Park AFC B












Cullen/Lattin FC









FC Dundrum











Kilbehenny Celtic
























Two Mile Borris B












Vee Rovers












DIV 3 Table 2010 2011











Cahir Park B (CHAMPIONS)








Cullen-Lattin FC (P)








Vee Rovers








FC Dundrum
















Burncourt Celtic








Two Mile Borris B (R)








Kilbehenny Celtic (R)







         * Deducted four points for infringements of league rules.

      Kilsheelan United and Killusty replace Kilbehenny Celtic and Two-Mile Borris B in TSDL  Division Three.




 Reports 2010/11

Sunday 20 February 2011
TSDL League Division Three
Cahir Park AFC B 3  Burncourt Celtic 0


Cahir Park B in the TSDL Second Division - that's how it'll be for next season after a strong-willed victory over local rivals Burncourt on Sunday. Cahir were never going to let the opportunity go and with 60% possession were full value for the win.

A brace from the season's top scorer, Eamonn Wooton, added to a first half volley from Shane Tobin mean results from the other contenders will determine whether the Park B go up as champions or in second place.

With a fine team performance on show, Man of the Match Wootton was always sharp up front whilst Shane Tobin and Shane Ryan provided good support adding to assured performances from Tom Maher and Gary Burke at the back. A word also for Paul Conway, many years of service given to the Park, who had to leave prematurely, injured in what was at times a game personifying the local rivalry.

Ryan was first to test the Celtic defence, in one-on-one with the keeper after just 5 mins. An Alan Ward free was almost converted shortly after with with Wootton choosing to use the foot when a header may have had better results.

Celtic, with an outside chance for promotion available, pushed forward to break the deadlock and were unlucky to have a goal disallowed for an infringement in the box.

With Pa Ryan, brother of Park's Shane, now playing an important role on the right of the Celtic attack, there was another opportunity for them to get the first goal, with an effort on Brian Sweeney's goal squirting across the goalmouth and wide to the left.

It was route-one on 26 mins - Sweeney finding the effervescent Wootton, his shot saved. Shane Ryan was close yet again, with a downpour adding to troublesome underfoot conditions at Ardfinnan Road. Eric Flannery and wingers Andy Fitzpatrick and Ward were in fine form as the home team began to turn the screw.

The break did come with 31 mins on the clock - Tobin's clever volley wrong-footing the keeper following the pinpoint pass from Ryan from midfield.

At the opposite end, the visitors efforts were spurned with first, Maher and then Burke making brilliant defensive challenges to foil the Burncourt frontline.

Flannery was last to test the visitors rearguard before Jim Walsh's half-time whistle brought a welcome reprieve from incessant rain.

Inside the second half and with manager Kenny Burke's half-time talk still ringing in their ears, the lead was doubled - Tobin working wonders out on the left, crossing for Wootton to connect and beat the keeper from close in.

A three-man free kick routine brought the next Cahir opportunity - Ward, Ryan and Wootton combining talents.

A trademark Ward cross was met in the box by Wootton for Park's third after he beat the keeper to the ball and finished perfectly, the ball just making it across the goal-line.

Celtic, to their credit, kept plugging away and were probably good value for a goal or two but within sight now of a promotion spot, the hosts were not giving up and with minor chances for both sides - Cahir's from a long-range pile-driver from Seanie Kiernan, the final whistle blew on Burncourt's chances and confirmed their neighbours second promotion in successive years.

Well done to Kenny, Paul and the lads - their dedication and commitment throughout the whole season justly rewarded.


Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, Mikey Byrne, Gary Burke, Thomas Maher, Paul Conway; Alan Ward, Shane Ryan, Eric Flannery, Andy Fitzpatrick; Shane Tobin, Eamonn Wootton 
Subs: Jason Grant for Conway, Sean Kiernan for Tobin, Shane Regan, Michael Darcy




Sunday 13 February 2011
TSDL League Division Three
Redmondstown 0 Cahir Park AFC B 6

Cahir Park B took a major step towards back-to-back promotions with a convincing 6-0 win at Redmondstown on Sunday last. With other results in the Division going their way, the Park are guaranteed at least a play-off place with one more league game left - at home to Burncourt next weekend.

It was all Cahir from the off on Sunday with the visitors 2-0 up after ten mins. With a fine team performance on show, Man of the Match Shane Ryan marshalled a midfield and was the perfect link between a solid defence and quick-footed forwards served by flying wingers Andy Fitzpatrick and Alan Ward.

Ryan himself was to cap off a great performance with a rasping long-range shot when finding the net  with a minute left - his first since August. Before that, a brace from Eamonn Wootton, and one each from Alan Ward, Andy Fitzpatrick and Eric Flannery had Cahir very comfortably ahead at the break

As in most games, those in the lead by such a margin were not allowed such room in the second half - with the hosts coming in to the game and forcing a succession of corners. With Thomas Maher and Gary Burke in particularly good form, though, all their effort came to nothing, with netminder Brian Sweeney in sharp form yet again capping off a great few weeks work on behalf of the Club.

The Park were almost 1-0 up after two mins, an Alan Ward corner very nearly converted by Wootton who had a second opportunity moments later but for a timely intervention of a busy Redmondstown custodian.

The lead did come after eight mins with Fitzpatrick providing a perfect ball for Wootton to run on to and roungd the keeper. It was 2-0 two mins later - a carbon copy finish from Ward with Ryan providing the pinpoint pass.

In reply, Sweeney had to be alert with a marauding winger cutting inside for a shot on goal. With 20 mins gone, Ward was close to adding to his tally, a defence-splitting pass once again provided by Ryan.. The third did come on 26, Fitzpatrick alert to a breaking ball to leave it for Flannery to finish from all of 25yds.

The former was on hand to provide the fourth, on 33, when rounding the keeper after another Ryan pass - Fitzpatrick finishing from a very tight angle.

Ryan himself had an attempt claimed by the netminder on 35, seconds before he provided yet another through ball - the in-form Wootton made the most of it, finishing confidently.

The home side had the better of the early exchanges in the second half and it took some convincing from manager Kenny Burke to keep the Park focussed. When they did find their rhythm again a three-man move ripped the Redmondstown defence apart with Ryan finding Ward wide on the right, he crossing for Fitzpatrick on the opposite wing and a shot which deserved more ending up being saved at the near post.

Not to be outdone, left-back Mikey Byrne broke free on 52 mins and was provider for a Shane Tobin effort once again keeping the keeper busy.

With both wing-backs replaced, Cahir upped the tempo again and there were more attempts to increase the scoreline - Flannery with another long-range effort and Tobin, with a close shot, failing to finish when it may have been easier to do so.

A hungry Tobin was on target again with 75 mins gone before the home side got into their stride and forced three corners in a row and a free from the edge of the box conceded by keeper Sweeney, referee John Walsh rightly deciding not to card the offence.

The final attempts of the day from the Park saw Ryan providing a pass for Wootton to shoot over before his final piledriver put six between the sides at game end.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, Mikey Byrne, Gary Burke, Thomas Maher, Paul Conway; Alan Ward, Shane Ryan, Eric Flannery, Andy Fitzpatrick; Shane Tobin, Eamonn Wootton 
Subs: Shane Regan for Burke, Sean Kiernan for Byrne

Sunday 6 February 2011
TSDL League Division Three
Cahir Park AFC B 2 Vee Rovers 0

Scorers:  Shane Tobin, og

A big challenge for the Park B team on Sunday with the visit of local rivals Vee Rovers, both vying for a second promotion spot to TSDL League Division Two for next season.

It was the visitors who made the early running and they could easily have won a penalty early on only to be waved away by referee Bernard Feery.

Shane Tobin, uncompromising as ever, had the Park ahead just inside the second half and shortly afterward an inrushing Eamonn Wootton forced a Rovers defender to head over his own keeper.

Within the first quarter hour, Man of The Match Thomas Maher almost had the hosts ahead but in a nip-and-tuck contest it was never going to be long before Vee showed their true competitive spirit, forcing Park stalwart Paul Conway to clear under pressure.

Cahir, just three points behind leaders Dundrum with a game extra played, now have promotion all but in their own hands as a result of this game.

Up front, Wootton was always a trouble for the Vee defence with Shane Ryan, playing his second game of the day, also causing trouble with regularity.

The substitution bringing Cormac Crowe on also meant another outlet for the accurate passes of Anthony Ward and Gary Burke - indeed a Burke pass set Alan Ward away on the right to cross for the second goal of the day.

During a purple patch for Vee, Park goalkeeper Brian Sweeney was brought into action by a fluent Vee passing game but luckily for the home side was always equal to the challenge.

With 65 mins gone, Tobin found himself free again but this time shot over, seconds later Crowe was on hand to test the Clogheen netminder.

The Park, looking solid at the back, looked good for the points as the game wore on and Rovers best chance was foiled by Conway's header off the line with five mins left.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, Mikey Byrne, Gary Burke, Thomas Maher, Paul Conway; Alan Ward, Anthony Ward, Jason Grant, Shane Tobin; Shane Ryan, Eamonn Wootton 
Subs: Cormac Crowe for Grant, Brian Ward, Shane Regan


Sunday 16 January 2011

TSDL Division Three

Cahir Park  B 0  Cullen/Lattin 2


Cahir Park B never got going in the first 45 min and on the half hour mark a lapse in defensive concentration left Barry O Dwyer in to finish and put the visitors in front.
In the second half Cahir Park started to play and were camped in Lattin Cullen's half
but could not find the net. A counter attack late on in the game saw Lattin Cullen get a second and they claimed all three points.


Su<?nday 9 January 2011

<?TSDL Division Three

<? Kilbehenny Celtic 4  Cahir Park  B 5

Scorers: Anthony Ward (2), Eamonn Wootton (2), Adam Karnia

 Kilbehenny opened the scoring after 15 minutes with a shot from just inside the box.
Cahir Park B pressure paid off on the half hour mark when Anthony Ward got on to
the end of a Shane Ryan cross to finish to the net.
Five minutes into the second half the Park took the lead when Anthony Ward's shot from 20 yards
found the bottom corner of the net.
Cahir pushed on and a great cross from Michael Darcy was met by Eamon Wootten who made it
Kilbehenny came back to make it 3-2 but Cahir went straight up the field and Eamon Wootten
got his second and Cahir Park's fourth after 70 minutes.
Kilbehenny never gave in and they pulled another one back through a defensive blunder with 10 minutes left on the clock.
Adam Karnia made it 5-3 on his debut for Cahir Park with five mins remaining but Kilbehenny got another in the 88th minute to leave it 5-4 at the finish. 


Su<?nday 2 January 2011

TSDL Division Three

Cahir Park  B 4 Two Mile Borris B 2  

Scorers: Benny Ryan, Eamonn Wootton 2, Stephen Burke

A fine start to the New Year for the B team, collecting all points on offer on Sunday at Ardfinnan Road - a result that keeps them in second place in the table and within reach of leaders FC Dundrum.

The Park started brightly with efforts from Anthony Ward, Eamonn Wootton and an effective Stephen Burk all coming close to the target. With Ward holding things together in midfield and James McGrath having a good afternoon on the right wing, Jason Grant was next to go close following a corner from Alan Ward.

An acrobatic attempt from Burke on 20 mins almost broke the deadlock whilst a quality save was all that was between Cahir and the lead as Wootton found himself one-on-one  with 18 mins to the break. Immediately after, the hosts were ahead wheen a classy performance by Benny Ryan was topped off by a shot which squirmed just inside the keeper's right post.

Buoyed by confidence from this, Ryan then took control of midfield and within six mins had Cahir two ahead when taking contriol of the ball in the centre circle and weaving his way through four attempted tackles, he set up Wootton for the easiest of tap-ins.

As the break beckoned, a fine save from Brian Sweeney, always alert when needed, was cleared upfield to find Burke at the end of a penetrating run, his shot going over. Borris, in the mood for a scrap, then showed they were not in Cahir to make up the numbers when the eye-catching Richie McCarthy had his effort blocked down by Mattie Doherty in the home defence, the ball released to Cathal Ryan whose unstoppable half-volley from 20yds beat Sweeney all ends up.

Inside the second period, Borris came out the stronger and after another fine stop from Sweeney, the home team needed to find another gear to ensure victory, the visitors always looking dangerous.

The turning point of the game came in the forty-ninth minute with Wootton completing a brace for the afternoon with an accurate header bulging the net from a corner from the right. A 56th min free on the edge of the box almost saw the Park further ahead with Alan Ward feeding brother Anthony whose chipped attempt saw the goalkeeper backpedalling to push the ball over.

True to form though the visitors kept on going and on 65 mins were again within sight, a mazy run by McGrath putting one between the sides yet again. The Park fans present feared the worst with another couple of attempts from Borris coming close before new man Shane Tobin beat his opponent on the right wing, threaded a pinpoint pass to Wootton whose goal-bound effort was smothered by the agility of the opposing goalie.

Another solo run by Ryan and a one-two with Burke almost saw the two-goal lead restored before another excellent Tobin cross was met by no-one in particular. There was room however for just one more goal before Billy Donoughue's full-time whistle when a cheeky interception of a free from the Borris keeper fed Burke on the edge of the area who had time to round the keeper and stroke home to finally put a nail in the coffin of a resurgent Two-Mile-Borris.

With two away fixtures and three home to go, the Park B find themselves in an enviable position with their destiny clearly in their own hands if back-to-back promotions are to be achieved. Well done to Paul Conway and Kenny Burke on the achievements so far.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, Gavin Berry, Mattie Doherty, Jason Grant, Shane Regan, Benny Ryan, Anthony Ward, Alan Ward, Stephen Burke, Eamonn Wootton, James McGrath. 
Subs: Thomas Maher for Alan Ward, Shane Tobin for Anthony Ward, Mikey Darcy for Eamonn Wootton, Shane Ryan, Paul Conway.


Su<?nday 12 December 2010

<?TSDL Division Three

<?Burncourt Celtic 1 Cahir Park  B 2  

<? Scorers: Jason Grant, Anthony WardAfter a couple of weeks' enforced rest because of snow, a vital three points were picked up by the B team on Sunday at a cold Burncourt. It had all the looks of a fourth 2-2 draw for the visitors with two mins to go but for the timely intervention of Gavin Berry whose sliding tackle prevented a Burncourt equalizer to give all points, and bragging rights, to the Park - a win which sees them keep up the hunt at the top of the Division Three table, pushing them inside the promotion places.

The result, unfortunately, means Celtic drop down into one of the two relegation places. It was they, however, who made the early running before the visitors found their passing boots with Alan Ward providing a clever chip to Jason Grant who sidefooted home at the far post with eight mins gone.

In the 19th min Burncourt were close again, Tom Conway unlucky with his strike fizzing wide. Cahir were determined to keep the points on offer with Eamonn Wootton doing well to feed Andy Fitzpatrick to shoot over after the ball rebounded into his path from the post on 27 mins.

After chances going abegging at the other end, it was the hosts who made their period of domination count with a clinical strike from Conway, who found himself unmarked in the area on 29 and took full advantage.

As the half came to a conclusion, Grant was close again for the Park. He rounded the keeper but had his effort from a tightening angle cleared by former Cahir stalwart Paul Frasier operating in the centre of the Celtic defence. On Jimmy Walsh's whistle, Mikey Byrne had a free played to him but his shot was always going right and wide with opposition pressure being applied.

With co-manager Paul Conway replaced by James McGrath for the second period, Cahir took the opportunity to use the wings more and from such play earned a free on the edge of the area on 62 mins. Anthony Ward punished Celtic in the worst way possible with a superb finish to the top right, allowing  the Park a deserved lead on the basis of play.

With a little more intensity creeping in to the game there were cards for dissent and strong tackles as Celtic kept up the impetus to claim the equalizer and had two chances to just that - both going marginally wide in quick succession.

A penetrating run from sub Shane Tobin almost had Fitzpatrick in again while the minutes ticked down. A sizeable Cahir following hoped for a quick whistle from Walsh. This was not to be and inside added time the challenge of the game from Gavin Berry cleared the ball two yards from the line after Frasier had broke through a solid Cahir defence to produce a shot of substance. It proved to be in vain for the home side, Cahir deservedly winning by the odd goal in three and ready to welcome Two Mile Borris B for a home fixture next weekend.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, Mikey Byrne, Mattie Doherty, Gavin Berry, Paul Conway, Thomas Macken, Anthony Ward, Jason Grant, Alan Ward, Eamonn Wootton, Andy Fitzpatrick. 
Subs: James McGrath for Paul Conway, Shane Tobin for Alan Ward, Mikey Darcy for Anthony Ward, Shane Regan


Sunday 21 November 2010

Peter O’Reilly Cup 1st Round

Cahir Park  B  1  Cullen-Lattin  4

 Scorer: Alan Ward (pen)

A very poor display from the second string who had an off day with the visitors scoring through Barry O'Dwyer after just four mins. Cullen - Lattin, who met the same opposition just two weeks ago in a league clash on their home turf, seemed to be the ones most up for the game and went further ahead four mins later with Alan Hayes on the scoresheet. Timmy Ryan got the award for goal of the game with a 30 yard screamer on the half hour that flew in to the net to make it three without reply.

Inside the second 45, the visitors were four ahead - a 62nd min ball played through by Hayes to O'Dwyer who out-paced the centre-half to slot home. there was at least some consolation for the home support with Alan Ward converting after Eamonn Wootton had been taken down by the goalkeeper. So, the second string exit the O'Reilly Cup and can now concentrate efforts on re-igniting a promising league camapign with a trip to neighbours Burncourt Celtic next Sunday.


Sunday 13 November 2010

TSDL League Division Three 

Cahir Park AFC B  3  Redmondstown  1

Scorers: Eamonn Wootton, Anthony Ward, Mikey Byrne

A good performance by the B team securing a mid-table poistion in Division Three with three points on Sunday.An Anthony Ward strike from 25 yards came back off the cross barafter 12 mins, Eamon Wootten was on hand to tap in. Anthony Ward again tried his luck from 30 yards outafter 20 mins and this shot found the top corner. Cahir were on top for most the first half and the pressure paid off when on 37 min Mikey Byrne latched on to a ball
in the box to make it 3-0.
 Early in the second half the returning Brian Sweeney saved a Redmondstown penalty low to his left as Redmondstown tried to get something from the game. They pulled one back on 55 min with Jamie Kelly scoring.
Cahir Park B held on and came away with a good victory, Cullen-Lattin the next visitors in an O'Reilly Cup game.

Sunday 6 November 2010TSDL League Division Three 
   Cullen-Lattin 2 Cahir Park AFC B  2

Scorers: Jason Grant, Alan Ward (pen)

With winter darkness a feature from the kick-off, Cahir Park B fought valiantly and secured a point at Cullen-Lattin on Sunday last. The home team scored against the run of play, a score equalized by Jason Grant's first touch when on a substitute whilst both sides exchanged penalties to see the Park second string secure their third 2-2 away draw on the trot.


Eamonn Wooton was first to trouble the host's goal on 15 mins when through one-on-one with the keeper. The goalie collected the ball calmly at his feet whilst at the other end the Park defence held resolute in face of sustained attack.


The first goal of the afternoon came in the 17th min when Mattie Doherty was drawn to an attacker who sidestepped his tackle. As Colm Lonergan advanced from goal, the striker kept his head to chip over delicately inside the far post.


Quick-thinking Mikey Byrne was next to trouble the Cullen rearguard. When afforded space, he continued his run only to see a resulting shot saved by the home netminder.


Sensing an opportunity to take advantage of large gaps opening in the home team's defence, manager Kenny Burke made an inspired substitution with ten mins left to the break. Jason Grant was plucked from the bench and he finished off a four-man attacking move with his first involvement, blasting home the equalizer.


The home team had the very early running in the second half and could easily have gone ahead when a very effective No. 9 forced his way through one-on-one with the keeper only for the wily Lonergan to keep his team in the game with a brave save.


Cahir were beginning to get on top as the half wore on, with more accurate passing a feature. It was from just one such move that Wooton was very nearly on target with a strong header after great work down the left wing by first, Paul Conway, returning to defence, then Anthony Ward and finally, Jason Grant who provided the cross.


Another one-on-one at the opposite end saw Lonergan called to duty again following which Cullen-Lattin went ahead with an attacker upended in the box, the resulting penalty struck successfully to beat Lonergan at his left post.


Chasing the points, Cahir heads didn't go down but searched for the equalizer and first, Jason Grant's mis-hit shot and then Anthony Ward's effort both troubled the keeper after sub James McGrath had provided the accurate cross.


The leveller did come with just three mins left Wooton hacked down by the keeper, Alan Ward tucking away the spot-kick for what proved to be just desserts for the efforts of the day.


Redmondstown are next up for the second string - they visit Cahir for a league fixture next Sunday.


Cahir Park AFC: Colm Lonergan,  Mikey Byrne, Mattie Doherty, Gary Burke, Paul Conway, Shane Tobin, Mikey Darcy, Anthony Ward, Thomas Maher, Alan Ward, Eamonn Wootten. 
Subs: Shane Regan, Barry O'Donoghue for Byrne, Alan O'Donoghue, Jason Grant for Darcy, James McGrath for Tobin, Mateusz Marciniak

Sunday 17 October 2010
TSDL League Division Three 
  Two Mile Borris B 2  Cahir Park AFC B  2

Debutante Thomas Maher and Alan O'Donogue provided the goals as Cahir Park B shared the spoils with Two Mile Borris B at the fine facilities at Newhill Park. Veteran goalkeeper Colm Fish Lonergan took his place between the sticks for the Park - reports are mixed regarding his performance and / or fault for opposition scores...


Sunday 10 October 2010
Tipperary Cup, first round 
  Clonmel Town B 3  Cahir Park AFC B  2

Scorers: Shane Tobin, Alan Ward (pen)



Sunday 26 September 2010
TSDL League Division Three 
  FC Dundrum 2  Cahir Park AFC B  2

A tussle for points again between these two rivals with a share of the spoils the result. Scorers for Cahir were Jimmy Looby and Shane Ryan with a late equalizer for the visitors spoiling the party. The Park sends get well wishes to the unfortunate David O'Donnell who suffered a facial injury in the game.


Sunday 19 September 2010
TSDL League Division Three
Vee Rovers 2 Cahir Park AFC B 1

Scorer:  Alan Ward


Sunday 12 September 2010
TSDL League Division Three
Cahir Park AFC B 1 FC Dundrum 3

Scorer:  Mikey Darcy

A big challenge for the Park B team on Sunday turned on the dismissal of centre-back Mattie Doherty as the visitors took control and made the most of their greater number.
Shane Tobin, uncompromising as ever on the right wing, had the first opportunity to break the deadlock on 13 mins when put through by a pinpoint pass from Gary Burke.
It wasn't long however until early pressure from the hosts took effect on the scoreboard - Michael Darcy finishing strongly to the net from a Park corner.
With Dundrum clean through on goal after 18 mins only a well-timed challenge from Shane Regan foiled a sure goal - keeper Anthony Burke mopped up to keep the hosts ahead.
On 34mins Alan Ward was to trouble the opposing goalie with a shot across the Dundrum goal just going wide.
Home fans were disappointed with nine mins left to the break - a direct free which seemed to have been taken care of first by the defenders and then by the goalkeeper somehow ended up in the net to give the Dundrum outfit an equalizing goal.
Inside the second 45 Jason Grant had the first shot in anger but within eight mins the day was to turn for the worst the Park. With Anthony Burke coming for the ball and not claiming it, the Dundrum forwards took the opportunity for a shot on goal. Only Mattie Doherty's hand blocked the way to goal, an action for which he received the red card from Willie Burke. The resulting penalty kick - to give hope to the Park faithful- was blasted over the bar.
A 66th min volley from Alan Ward was the Park's effort to go ahead. Straight away at the other end Dundrum atoned for the penalty to take the lead.
Sub Eamonn Wooton was put through but a busy visiting goalkeeper was first to the ball.
Dundrum's third came shortly afterward. At this stage it was probably deserved - the home team losing appetite for the challenge. Wootton provided the last Cahir effort of the grey afternoon at Duneske - the attempt shaking the side-netting.

Cahir Park AFC: Anthony Burke, Shane Regan, Barry O'Donoghue, Mattie Doherty, Mikey Byrne, Shane Tobin, Mikey Darcy, Gary Burke, Jason Grant, Alan Ward, Shane Ryan, 
Subs: Eamonn Wootten for Shane Ryan,  Alan O'Donoghue, Sean Kiernan,
Anthony Ward for Barry O'Donoghue, James Looby for Michael Darcy



Sunday 29 August 2010
TSDL League Division Three
Kilbehenny Celtic 1 Cahir Park AFC B 7

Scorers: Shane Ryan (3), Jason Grant, Mikey Darcy, Alan Ward, Alan O'Donoghue



Sunday 22 August 2010
TSDL Division Three Shield
Cahir Park AFC B 4 Vee Rovers 4

(Vee Rovers win 6-5 on penalties)


Local bragging rights go Clogheen's way with relegated Rovers meeting promoted Park B in the Third Division for the first time. What ensued was a thrilling game going to penalties to find a winner.
With many players having played on the same teams as their opponents in the recent past, it was the home side who went ahead with barely a minute gone - Eamonn Wootten finishing well to the Town goal net. Straight away Vee had a shot from the right saved well by Darren Sweeney as the search for the equalizer began.
On 18mins Sweeney was again troubled by a speculative effort which went flying over the bar.
In this ding-dong battle, Anthony Ward was next up - his shot going over after a corner from the right. Not to be outdone, brother Alan had his effort go just wide on 29mins. but was shortly to make up for it putting the hosts two clear.However it was 2-1 in no time at all when the Park defence was carved open and the ensuing cross clipped to the net. On the half-hour the fourth goal arrived when a melee in the Park box eventually saw the ball forced over Sweeney's line. At the other end, Shane Ryan, causing an amount of trouble for the Vee Rovers rearguard, was taken down just on the edge of the 'd' - the resulting free powered wide by Alan Ward.
The visitors continued to apply the pressure and, after a sustained assault on the Cahir goal, were 3-2 up after a smart interchange of passes again got the best of a home back-four to have them lead at the break.
Eight minutes in to the second half and the Park were 2-4 down - Darren Peters powering home a header after a corner on  the left.
With a never-say-die attitude, Kenny Burke and Paul Conway's charges kept up the pressure and were only one behind when an Alan Ward corner was delivered perfectly for Jason Grant to head home with conviction.
The perfect opportunity for deadlock came on 63mins with a penalty award to Cahir by ref Bernard Feery - a save from the Rovers keeper foiled any celebration from a sizeable home crowd enjoying some late August sun.
With 20mins left Alan Ward again blazed over a free kick but Grant's second of the day from a fine Mikey Byrne free did provide the equalizer.
Cahir Park B, perhaps using a strong bench better than their counterparts, finished much the stronger and were now definite value for the win, twice hitting the woodwork - the first from Ward after brilliant work on the right from Byrne and an extremely effective Shane Tobin created space.
With an embarassment of potential finishers now in the Rovers box, Grant again had a go - hitting the post on the final whistle.
Straight to penalties - Ward, keeper Sweeney and Grant finishing successfully to leave it 3-3 going to sudden death spot-kicks. Byrne and Tobin finishing past the Vee keeper brought it to 5-5. However, excitement reached fever-pitch with the Murphy & Allen-led Vee Rovers claiming victory by converting the final kick of the day.

Cahir Park AFC: Darren Sweeney, Mikey Byrne, Sean Kiernan, Barry O'Donoghue, Anthony Ward, Mikey Darcy, Gary Burke, Jason Grant, Alan Ward, Shane Ryan,  Eamonn Wootten
Subs: Shane Regan for Anthony Ward, Anthony Condon for Shane Ryan, Shane Tobin for Mikey Darcy, Billy Duggan  


16 August 2010
Pre-season Friendly
Cahir Park AFC B 4 Tipperary Town FC 0

New TSDL Fourth Division team Tipperary Town FC visit the Park for the first time. Home side come
away with the glory, Eamonn Wootten scoring a hat-trick.



28 July 2010

Pre-Season Friendly

Freebooters 3 Cahir Park B 0


5 August 2010
Pre-season Friendly
Cahir Park AFC B 2  Park United B 3

Scorers: Anthony Ward 70 (pen), Eamon Wootten 79

Duneske was the venue for this clash of near neighbours from different leagues on an overcast Thursday evening.
In a hard fought tussle, the visitors came out on top in an entertaining game using the successful youth / experience mix of players from a squad of nineteen.
With the home side creating more chances, Shane Ryan, Pakie O'Dwyer and Mateusz Marciniak were close to breaking the deadlock whilst at the other end the Mitchelstown outfit looked dangerous in the last third. Indeed from one of these attacks down the right, Darren Lynch put them ahead on 20mins with a quality finish at the far post.
An immediate fightback from the Park saw Marciniak put O'Dwyer through whose effort was cleared off the line in a busy goalmouth. A 40-yard free kick from Alan Ward 5mins before the break brought the best out of the opposing keeper and the same player was close once again just before Michael Freiburg's half-time whistle, this after a succession of corners had increased the pressure on the visitors, playing in white.
Managers Kenny Burke and Paul Conway rang the changes at half-time, changing four players. With this the Park found a new attacking impetus but on occasion could be guilty of leaving the defence exposed. From one such attack, United went two up with an unhurried chip over Darren Sweeney finding the net.
The game turned with the introduction of Man of the Match Craig Condon, whose deft touches and close ball control in midfield, coupled with some excellent distribution in tight spaces to fellow sub Anthony Ward, brought the Park into the ascendancy. Ward's first touch after coming on was to send the keeper to the left and the ball to the right to convert the spot-kick after brother Alan was taken down.
It was all to play for with the equalizer nine mins later, Eamon Wootten and two defenders clashing, the ball ending up in the net after an innocuous cross from the left to the far post.
Chasing the winner, both teams upped the tempo and an aggressive bite appeared in the game that had not previously been a feature.
A cross from the right hand side from Mitchelstown's effective right wing, who never gave up through the whole game, saw them claim victory, the finish to Sweeney's net a strong, confident header.
As the evening drew in, Anthony Ward came close with an effort that could and probably should have provided a deserved equalizer. On the basis of this performance the Cahir Park B squad can look forward to a successful season in TSDL Division Three
, the first game of which is not too far away now.

Cahir Park AFC: Darren Sweeney, Shane Regan, Brian Sweeney, Sean Kiernan, Robbie Cunningham, Jason Coffey, Pakie O'Dwyer, Mateusz Marciniak, Anthony Condon, Shane Ryan, Alan Ward.
Sunbs: Mark Shortt for Anthony Condon, Michael Darcy for Shane Regan, Barry O'Donoghue for Mateusz Marciniak, Billy Duggan for Shane Ryan, Gary Burke for Robbie Cunningham, Craig Condon for Brian Sweeney,
Anthony Ward for Jason Coffey, Eamonn Wootten for Alan Ward



  Cahir Park B -   TSDL Division Four Champions 2009/10

Well done to

Gerry, Kenny, Paul, Vinny and the lads!






B Team Results 2009/10

Sunday 18/04/10 League Division 4 Cahir Park (B) 5 Peake Villa (B) 2

                                   Scorers: Alan Ward (pen)32, Jason Grant 44, John Darmody 72, Mark Costigan 75,  Anthony Ward 86

Sunday 4/04/2010 ?Peter O’Reilly Cup Semi-Final  Cahir Park B 1 Peake Villa B 3
                                           Scorer: Brian Ward 40

Sunday 14/03/2010 
Peter O’ Reilly Cup Quarter-Finals Cullen-Lattin 0 Cahir Park B 2
                                                                   Scorers:Pakie O'Dwyer 12, Shane Ryan 35

Sunday 28/02/10 League Division 4 Cahir Park (B) 1 Donohill-Doon Celtic 0
                                   Scorers: Pakie O'Dwyer 8

Sunday 14/02/10 League Division 4 Cahir Park (B) 2 Ballypatrick 0
Scorers: Shane Ryan 22, Mark Costigan 35

Sunday 7/02/10 League Division 4 Dualla 1 Cahir Park (B) 4
Scorers: Shane Ryan 5, 60; Robbie Halley 75, Mark Costigan 90


Sunday 31/01/10 League Division Four
Clerihan 2 Cahir Park B 2
Scorers: Alan Ward 25, 50


Sunday 24/01/10 League Division Four Ballyneale 0 Cahir Park B 7

Scorers: Shane Ryan 4, 66; Alan Ward 7, 35; Colin Baker 42, 86, 90


Sunday 17/01/10 Peter O’Reilly Cup, 2nd Round Cahir Park B 2 Dualla FC 1

 Scorers: Colin Darmody 50, Shane Ryan 65

Sunday 13/12/09
League Division 4  Cahir Park B 1 Kilbehenny Celtic 1
                                      Scorer: Jason Grant 20


Sunday 29/11/09  Tipperary Cup, 1st round  Galbally United 1 Cahir Park B 0


Sunday 15/11/09  League Division Four Peake Villa B 1 Cahir Park B 2

Scorers: Eric Flannery 10, John Darmody 18


Sunday 8/11/09  League Division Four Cahir Park B 4 Rock Rovers B 1

Scorers: Colin Darmody 58, Pakie O'Dwyer 67, Colin Baker 86, Alan Sweeney 90

Sunday 25/10/09  League Division Four
Cahir Park B 3 Clerihan 2

Brian Frazier 30, Andy Fitzpatrick 44, Alan Ward 59


Sunday 11/10/09 League Division 4 Donohill-Doon Celtic 2 Cahir Park B 1

Scorer: James Darcy 75


Sunday 27/9/09 League Division 4 Kilbehenny Celtic 1 Cahir Park B 1

Scorer: James Darcy 35


Sunday 20/9/09 League Division 4 Cahir Park B 3 Dualla 3

Scorers: Shane Ryan 1, 25, Mark Costigan 30


Sunday 13/9/09 League Division 4 Ballypatrick 0 Cahir Park B 2

Scorers: Alan Ward 44, Shane Ryan 61

Sunday 30/8/09 League Division 4
Cahir Park B 2 Ballyneale 1
Scorers: James McGrath 26, James Darcy 84


Sunday 23/8/09 Shield Division 4 (2nd Round) Clerihan 1 Cahir Park B 1

(Clerihan won 5-4 on pens)

2008/09 season

Div 4 2009/10
C Pk B
Pk V B
R Rvrs B
 DIV4    0-2
Cahir Park B
  DIV4    3-2   3-3
  DIV4   1-1
  DIV4    6-3
  DIV4   2-3
Kilbehenny Celtic
  DIV4   3-2
Peake Villa B
Rock Rovers B
  WDR    0-2
 WDR   1-3