Cahir Park AFC v Southend United, Munster Junior Cup 25/2/18

                                                           Cahir Park v Avondale United, Munster Junior Cup 2018

Pic courtesy Cahir Media

Paddy Purtill Cup Final squad - May 19 2017

                                                                                                 Cahir Park AFC 2016

Cahir Park AFC 2016/17 

Back: John Halpin (manager), Barry McCormack, Dean Lonergan, Stephen Burke, Anthony Burke, 

Seanie Kiernan, Shane O'Neill,  Keith McGuire                 

                                                                                          Front: Paddy O'Donnell, James Darcy, John Benny Ryan, Shane Murphy,Ian                                                                                     Flannery, John Allen, James McGrath 

Cahir Park AFC - Paddy Purtill Cup Winners 2016 

Back: Jim Halpin, Stephen Burke, Stephen Duggan, Shane O'Neill, Mikey O'Connor, Benny Ryan, Barry McCormack,  Anthony Burke, Mark Costigan,  Brian Irwin, Pa Fitzgerald, John Halpin.

Front: Alan O'Donoghue, Johnny Coveney, Willie Dunne, James Darcy, Simon Williams, Pa Lonergan, Keith McGuire, James McGrath 

Cahir Park AFC 2015/16

Front: Simon Williams, Alan ODonoghue, James Darcy, Brian Irwin, Barry McCormack, Willie Dunne, Pa Fitzgerald 

Back: Pat Halpin, Shane O'Neill, Stephen Duggan, Anthony Burke, Mark Costigan, Conor Lonergan, Mikey O'Connor, Johnny Coveney, 

Jim Halpin, James McGrath 


  Cahir Park AFC 2015/16

Front: Pa Fitzgerald, Dylan Fitzgerald, James Pimmy Darcy, Alan O'Donoghue, William Dunne 

Back: John Benny Ryan, Simon Williams, Evan O'Dwyer, Barry McCormack, Conor Lonergan, Mark Costigan

Cahir Park AFC 2014/15

Back: Jack Kennedy, Eddie Kendrick, William Dunne, Shane Murphy, Rian Clancy,  Alan Campbell, Jonas Kerr, Rhys Chowtie

Front: Billy Duggan, James Darcy, Keelan Hickey, Shane Power, Cormac Crowe, Pa Fitzgerald, Niall McKenna


 Cahir Park AFC 2013/14

Front: James McGrath, Eoin Farrell, Robbie Cunningham, Andy Fitzpatrick, Brian Delahunty, Shane Hahessy 

Centre: Jim Buckley (coach), Jonas Kerr, John O'Connor, Wojtek Cymerys, Will Dunne, Aaron Murphy, 

Cormac Looby, Colm Lonergan (manager)

Back: Liam Casey, Tom Kirwin


Sunday 20 May 2018 

Paddy Purtill Cup, semi final

   Vee Rovers  1  Cahir Park  1 aet

(Vee win 9-8 on pens)

Sunday 13 May 2018

TSDL First Division 

 Cahir Park  4   Galbally United  0

Sunday  6 May 2018 

TSDL First Division 

 Cahir Park  5   Cullen-Lattin  0

Wednesday 2 May 2018

TSDL First Division 

   Vee Rovers   0   Cahir Park  0

Sunday 29 April 2018 

TSDL First Division 

   Cashel Town  0   Cahir Park  2

Wednesday 25 April 2018

TSDL First Division 

   Slieveardagh United  0     Cahir Park  0

 Sunday  22 April 2018 

TSDL First Division 

 Cahir Park  2   Rosegreen Rangers 1

Sunday 1 April 2018 

TSDL First Division 

  Cahir Park  3  Vee Rovers  1

Sunday 25 March 2018 

TSDL First Division 

 St Michaels B  1  Cahir Park  3


Sunday 11 March 2018 

Paddy Purtill Cup, quarter final

   Cahir Park  8   Donohill & District FC  1

Saturday  24 February 2018 

Munster Junior Cup, last 16

 Southend United 4  Cahir Park 1

(Ballybeg, Waterford)                                      

Sunday  4 February 2018 

Tipperary Cup, first round 

  Old Bridge 3 Cahir Park 2 (aet)

Sunday  21 January 2018 

Munster Junior Cup, fourth round

  Cahir Park  2  Avondale United  1

                    (Blackrock, Cork)

Sunday  31 December 2017 

Munster Junior Cup, third round (TSDL Section)

  Cahir Park  0  Cashel Town  0

(The Park win on penalties)

Sunday 26 November 2017 

Paddy Purtill Cup, first round 

Rosegreen Rangers  1   Cahir Park  3

Sunday 19 November 2017 

Munster Junior Cup, second round (TSDL Section)

Vee Rovers  0  Cahir Park  1

Sunday 5 November 2017 

TSDL First Division 

  Cullen-Lattin 1  Cahir Park 3

Sunday 29 October 2017 

TSDL First Division 

  Cahir Park  3   Slieveardagh United  0

Sunday 15 October 2017 

Munster Junior Cup, first round (TSDL Section)

Cahir Park  4  Cullen-Lattin  0

Sunday 30 September 2017 

FAI Junior Cup, round 2 (Tipperary section) 

Cahir Park 0  Peake Villa 6

Sunday 24 September 2017 

TSDL First Division 

Galbally United  1   Cahir Park  0

Sunday 10 September 2017 

TSDL First Division 

Cahir Park  5   St Michaels B  0

Sunday 3 September 2017 

TSDL First Division Shield, Quarter-Final

 Cahir Park  1   Rosegreen Rangers  3

Sunday 27 August 2017

TSDL First Division 

Rosegreen Rangers 4  Cahir Park  2

Sunday 20 August 2017

TSDL First Division 

Cahir Park 0 Cashel Town 0


Friday 19 May 2017 

Paddy Purtill Cup final

 Cahir Park 1 Bansha Celtic 2

Sunday 14 May 2017 

TSDL League, Division One 

 St Michaels B  2   Cahir Park 4

Sunday 7 May 2017 

TSDL League, Division One 

 Cahir Park  1  Rosegreen Rangers 0

Sunday 29 April 2017 

Paddy Purtill Cup, semi final

 Cahir Park  4  Vee Rovers 2

Sunday 8 April 2017 

TSDL League, Division One

 Cahir Park 0 Vee Rovers 1

Sunday 26 March 2017 

TSDL League, Division One

 Redmondstown  2   Cahir Park  3

Sunday 19 March 2017 

Paddy Purtill Cup, quarter final

 Cahir Park 4   Donohill & District 4

(The Park win 4-3 on penalties)

Sunday 12 March 2017 

TSDL League, Division One

 Bansha Celtic 2  Cahir Park 2

Sunday 12 February 2017 

TSDL League, Division One

 Glengoole United 3   Cahir Park 1   

Sunday 5 February 2017 

TSDL League, Division One

 Cahir Park 4   Kilsheelan United 0

Sunday 29 January 2017 

Tipperary Cup, second round

Peake Villa 3   Cahir Park  2

Sunday 22 January 2017 

TSDL League, Division One

 Cahir Park  6  St Nicholas  1

Sunday 15 January 2017 

TSDL League, Division One

 Vee Rovers 1 Cahir Park  0

Sunday 8 January 2017 

TSDL League, Division One

 Cahir Park 3 Redmondstown 0

Sunday  11 December 2016

TSDL League Division One

Kilsheelan United  0  Cahir Park  3

Sunday 4 December 2016 

Tipperary Cup, first round

Cashel Town  3   Cahir Park  4

Sunday  27  November 2016 

Paddy Purtill Cup, first round

Kilsheelan United  3  Cahir Park   4 (aet)

Sunday 13 November 2016 

TSDL Division One

Rosegreen Rangers 4  Cahir Park  2

Sunday 6 November 2016 

TSDL Division One

Cahir Park 6   St Michaels B  1

Sunday 30 October 2016

FAI Junior Cup, third round

  Thurles Town  2  Cahir Park  0

Sunday 16 October 2016

Munster Junior Cup, second round 

  St Nicholas  3  Cahir Park  3

(St Nicholas win 4-3 on penalties)

Sunday 9 October 2016 

TSDL Division One

Cahir Park  1   Glengoole United  1

Sunday 2 October 2016

FAI Challenge Cup, second round

Mullinahone FC  0   Cahir Park 2

Sunday 25 September 2016 

TSDL First Division Shield, semi-final

   Cahir Park  2  Bansha Celtic 3


Sunday 18  September 2016

Munster Junior Cup, first round 

  Cahir Park  4    Slieveardagh United 0

Saturday 4 September 2016

TSDL Shield Division One, quarter-final 

  Cahir Park 5  St Nicholas 3

Sunday 27 August 2016 

TSDL First Division 

  St Nicholas 2  Cahir Park 3

Thursday 18 August 2016

TSDL First Division 

   Cahir Park 3  Bansha Celtic 5 

TSDL Division One 2017/18 Matrix
  CPk Cshl Cul Ltn Galb Rosgrn St Mics B Slvrd Vee   FADiff
Cahir Park0050402150303132923
Cashel Town020340111320632328-5
Cullen Lattin132021320000031821-3
Galbally United103802031402  1140-29
St Michaels B134112235128212836-8
Slieveardagh Utd0030110111120220173
Vee Rovers00303141305021311714

TSDL Division One 2016/17
  CPk Bansha Gleng Kshln Rosgrn Redm St Mics B St Nic Vee FADiff
Cahir Park3511401030616101422517
Bansha Celtic2213316220225161492722
Glengoole United3140310140626031441430
St Michaels B243013315222234343430
St Nicholas23041032020205131951-32
Vee Rovers10133223100232442835-7

TSDL Division One 2017/18
Cahir Park (C)  1493230
Vee Rovers (P) 1491428
Rosegreen  1472523
Cullen Lattin 1463521
St Michaels B 1461719
Slieveardagh United1444616
Cashel Town 1442814
Galbally United 1430119

TSDL Division One 2016/17 Table
Bansha Celtic 16112335
Glengoole United16112335
Cahir Park1692529
St Michaels B 1663721
Vee Rovers1661919
Redmondstown 1653818
St Nicholas16331012

Teams' table position after games played 2017/18
Cahir Park84664443221
Cashel Town34588545577
Cullen Lattin68431112344
Galbally United85747888888
St Michaels B54126777765
Slieveardagh Utd52231356656
Vee Rovers86732232111

Teams' table position after games played 2016/17
Cahir Park66664554443
Bansha Celtic22221111111
Glengoole United34564432222
Redmondstown 3334356667
St Michaels B  112233355
St Nicholas77767777788
Vee Rovers  988888776


all competitions 2017/18


Shane Murphy 13

  Tom Keating 7

  Conor Lonergan 5

  Andy Fitzpatrick 5

Shane O'Neill 5

  John Benny Ryan 4

  Rhys O'Regan 3

  Seanie Kiernan 3

Séan Murphy 1

Keith McGuire 1

Gerard Gardiner 1

Kevin Dempsey 1

Liam Casey 1

James McGrath 1

Barry McCormack 1

Ian Flannery 1

All Scorers 53


Average Per Player 16 3.31


all competitions 2016/17

 Shane Murphy11
 Stephen Burke11
 Willie Dunne5
 Paddy O'Donnell4
 James Darcy4
 Seanie Kiernan4
 Keith McGuire4
 Shane O'Neill3
Ian Flannery3
Liam Casey3
Benny Ryan3
Ger Quinn3
Barry McCormack2
Keelan Hickey2
James McGrath1
Alan O'Donoghue1
Tony O'Donoghue1
Tom Keating1
All Scorers 66
Average Per Player183.67


Sunday 29 May 2016 

Tipperary Cup Final at Cahir Park

Slieveardagh United 0  Cahir Park  1

Tuesday 24 May 2016 

TSDL First Division Promotion Play-Off

Cahir Park  0  Tipperary Town  4 

Tuesday 17 May 2016 

TSDL First Division 

Cahir Park  1  Galbally United 1

(A win here for the Park would have seen them promoted back to the Premier League)

Sunday  15 May  2016

Paddy Purtill Cup, semi final 

  Vee Rovers 2  Cahir Park 3

(The Park meet Slieveardagh in the Final)

Wednesday 4 May 2016 

TSDL First Division 

Cahir Park  1  Cullen Lattin  0

Sunday 1 May 2016 

Tipperary Cup quarter-final 

Slieveardagh United 1  Cahir Park  0 (aet)

Sunday  24  April  2016 

Paddy Purtill Cup, quarter final 

  Cahir Park  3  Cashel Town  3

(The Park win 4-3 on penalties)

Sunday  3  April  2016 

TSDL First Division 

St Nicholas  4  Cahir Park  4

Sunday 27 March 2016 

TSDL First Division

 Redmondstown  2  Cahir Park  1

* The Park remain top, other results going our way

Sunday 20 March 2016 

TSDL First Division

 Cahir Park  2   Wilderness Rovers  2

* The Park remain top, St Nicholas up three places to second

Sunday 13 March 2016 

TSDL First Division

Tipperary Town 4  Cahir Park  2

* Defeat means the Park remain top, Town go second

Sunday 6 March 2016

TSDL First Division

Cahir Park  1  Kilsheelan United  0

* Defeat for leaders Kilsheelan mean the Park go top

Sunday  21 February 2016 

TSDL First Division

Galbally United  2  Cahir Park  3

Sunday 14 February 2016 

Tipperary Cup, second round 

  Cahir Park  2 Glengoole United  1

Sunday 31 January 2016

TSDL First Division

   Cahir Park  4  St Michaels B  0

* The Park rise to third after today's results

Sunday 24 January 2016 

TSDL First Division

Wilderness Rovers 1  Cahir Park 2

Sunday 17 January 2016 

Paddy Purtill Cup, first round

 Cahir Park  1  St Michaels B  0

Sunday 29 November 2015 

TSDL First Division

  Cahir Park 1  Tipperary Town 0

Sunday 22 November 2015 

Tipperary Cup, first round 

  Cahir Park  2 v Redmondstown  1

Sunday 15 November 2015 

TSDL First Division 

  Cahir Park 2  Redmondstown  2

Sunday 1 November 2015 

Munster Junior Cup, first round

  Old Bridge 2  Cahir Park 1

Sunday 25 October 2015

TSDL First Division 

 Cullen Lattin 3   Cahir Park 1

Sunday 11 October 2015

TSDL First Division 

  Kilsheelan United 2  Cahir Park 1

Sunday 4 October 2015 

TSDL First Division 

  Cahir Park 4   St Nicholas 3

Sunday 27 September 2015 

Munster Junior Cup, preliminary round

 Mullinahone 2  Cahir Park  2

(The Park win on penalties 5-4)

Sunday 20 September 2015 

FAI Junior Cup, 2nd round 

  Cahir Park  0  St Michaels  7

Sunday 13 September 2015 

TSDL First Division 

 St Michaels B 7  Cahir Park  1

Sunday 30 August 2015 

TSDL First Division Shield, quarter final

 Redmondstown 6   Cahir Park 1 

Galbally United©1685329
Tipperary Town (P) 1674525
Cahir Park  1674525
Kilsheelan  1673624
St Nicholas  1665523
St Michaels B 1664622
Redmondstown 1648420
Cullen Lattin 1654719
Wilderness Rovers1623119

William Dunne 9 Top Scorers 2015/16
Stephen Burke 7
Tony O'Donoghue 5
Barry McCormack  4
Mark Costigan 4
Liam Casey 3
Keith McGuire 2
Johnny Coveney 2
Pa Fitzgerald 2
Mikey O'Connor 2
James Darcy 2
Shane O'Neill 2
Dylan Fitzgerald 1
Benny Ryan  1


Monday 13 April 2015 

TSDL First Division

 Bansha Celtic 3 Cahir Park 2 

** The Park relegated to TSDL Div Two for next season **

Following a reorganization of the league into a total of four divisions,

Cahir Park AFC maintained their Division One status

Sunday 5 April 2015 

TSDL First Division

 Kilsheelan United 1 Cahir Park 0

Sunday 29 March 2015 

TSDL First Division

 Cahir Park 5 Tipperary Town 4

Scorers: James Darcy (3), Jonas Kerr, William Dunne

Sunday 22 March 2015 

TSDL First Division

 Cahir Park 2 Cullen Lattin 1

Sunday 15 March 2015 

Tipperary Cup, qtr finals

 Cahir Park 1 Burncourt Celtic 2

Scorer: Shane Murphy

Sunday 8 March 2015 

TSDL First Division

 Cahir Park 3  Redmondstown 1

Scorers: Jonas  Kerr (2),  Shane Murphy

Sunday 15 February 2015 

TSDL First Division

 Old Bridge 0  Cahir Park  3

Scorers: Jonas  Kerr (2),  Caoilan O'Gorman

Sunday 25 January 2015 

TSDL First Division

 Cahir Park 3 Kilsheelan United 3

Scorers: Dessie Byrne,  Shane Murphy, James McGrath

Sunday 18 January 2015

TSDL First Division

Rosegreen Rangers 4  Cahir Park 1

Scorer: Shane Murphy

Sunday 4 January 2015 

Tipperary Cup, 2nd round

St Kierans 1   Cahir Park  2

Scorers: Dessie Byrne, Caoilan O'Gorman

Sunday 7 December 2014 

TSDL First Division

Cahir Park  1  St Nicholas 3

Scorer: Barry Cooney

Sunday 30 November 2014 

TSDL First Division

Cullen Lattin  2   Cahir Park 0

Sunday  23 November 2014 

Paddy Purtill Cup, second round

 Cahir Park 1  Galbally United 3

Scorer: Paddy Kenneally

Sunday 16 November 2014 

Munster Junior Cup, second round

 Cahir Park 3  Rosegreen Rangers 3

Scorers: Eoin Farrell, Shane Murphy, Jonas Kerr

(Rosegreen win 4-1 on penalties)

Sunday  9 November 2014 

TSDL First Division

 Cahir Park 1  Bansha Celtic 3

Sunday  2 November 2014 

TSDL First Division

Tipperary Town 1  Cahir Park 2

Scorers: Shane Murphy, James Darcy

Sunday  26 October 2014 

Tipperary Cup, first round

Cahir Park 4  Cashel Town B 2

Scorers: Shane Murphy, Rian Clancy, Cormac Crowe, Alan Campbell

Sunday  19 October 2014 

TSDL Division One

Cahir Park 1 Rosegreen Rangers 3

Scorer: Rian Clancy

Sunday  12 October 2014 

FAI Junior Cup 3rd round 

Cahir Park 2  Kilsheelan United 6

Scorers: Mark Costigan (2)

Sunday  5 October 2014 

Munster Junior Cup, first round

Two Mile Borris 2  Cahir Park 4

Scorers: Shane Murphy (2), Pa Kenneally, Jonas Kerr

Sunday  28 September 2014 

FAI Junior Cup 2nd round 

Cahir Park 2  Moneygall  1

Sunday  21 September 2014 

TSDL League Division One 

 Redmondstown 3 Cahir Park 1

Scorer: Shane Murphy 

Sunday  14 September 2014 

TSDL League Division One 

 Cahir Park 1 Old Bridge  4

Scorer: Shane Power

Sunday 31 August 2014 

TSDL League Division One 

  St Nicholas 5 Cahir Park  0

Sunday 24 August 2014 

TSDL Shield Division One, 2nd rounf 

  Cahir Park  3  Tipperary Town  4

Scorers: Shane Murphy (2), Jonas Kerr

TOP SCORERS for 2014/15

Shane Murphy11

Jonas Kerr

James Darcy5
 Rian Clancy3
Caoilan O'Gorman2
 Mark Costigan2
 Shane Power2
 Paddy Kenneally2
Dessie Byrne2
William Dunne1
Alan Campbell1
Cormac Crowe1
Eoin Farrell1
James McGrath1
Barry Cooney1



Sunday 16th March 2014 

TSDL Premier League 

 Peake Villa 5  Cahir Park 0

Sunday 9th March 2014 

Clonmel Credit Union Premier League

 Cahir Park 0 Clonmel Town 0

Sunday 23rd  February 2014 

Clonmel Credit Union Premier League

Glengoole United 1 Cahir Park 1

Sunday 16th February 2014

Clonmel Credit Union Premier League

Cahir Park 0 Clonmel Celtic 7

Sunday 19 January 2014

TSDL Premier League

Cashel Town 3 Cahir Park 1

Sunday 16 December 2013 

TSDL Premier League

Cahir Park 1 Old Bridge 2

Scorers: Shane Murphy

Sunday 1st  December 2013 

Tipperary Cup, 2nd round

 Galbally United 4 Cahir Park 3

Scorers: Eoin Farrell, Gerry Cronin, Paddy Kenneally

Sunday 17th November 2013 

TSDL Premier League

 Cahir Park 2 Glengoole United 1

Scorers: Andy Fitzpatrick, Jason Hahessey

Sunday 10th November 2013 

Munster Junior Cup, 2nd round

Cashel Town 4 Cahir Park 1

Sunday 20th October 2013 

Tipperary Cup 1st Round

Moyglass 1 Cahir Park 2

Sunday October 13 2013 

FAI Junior Cup, 2nd round

Borrisokane 3  Cahir Park 1

Sunday October 6 2013 

Munster Junior Cup 1st Round

Cahir Park 5 Bansha Celtic 2

Scorers: Eamonn Wootton (3), Jonas Kerr (2)

A hat-trick for Eamonn Wootton and two goals from Jonas Kerr see the Park through to the next round playing some nice football in a pulsating early morning start down the Park. End to end stuff and a battling performance from Bansha, who could have forced a draw on another day - the woodwork and inspired goal-keeping from Woijcek Cymeras maintaining a two goal advantage at game end.

Cahir Park AFC:

Woijcek Cymeras

James  McGrath,  Aaron Murphy, John O'Connor,  Cormac Looby

  Jason Hahessy,  Eoin Farrell,  Niall McKenna,  Andy Fitzpatrick 

Jonas Kerr, Eamonn Wootton

Subs:  James Darcy for Looby,  Brian Delahunty, for  McKenna,  Stephen Duggan for  Kerr

Sunday September 29 2013 

Clonmel Credit Union Premier League

Old Bridge 5 Cahir Park 2

Scorer: Andy Fitzpatrick (2)

Sunday September 15 2013

TSDL Premier League 

 Cahir Park 4 Peake Villa 4

Scorers: Liam Casey, Jason Hahessy (3)

First league point today after what was a tough start to the season. Game finished 4-4 with the Park two up after 20 mins. It was 2-1 at half-time. 2-2 each after 50 mins then we went 3-2 down on the hour. The home side took the lead 4-3 after 80mins only to be pegged back in injury time. Very unlucky not to come away with all three points. 

Sunday September 8 2013

TSDL Premier League 

 Clonmel Celtic 7 Cahir Park 0

A learning process for this young team, reduced to 10 men with the early sending-off of keeper Woijcek Cymeras

Sunday September 1 2013

TSDL Premier League 

 Cahir Park  1 St Michaels  5

Scorer: Eoin Farrell 

Early dominance by the visitors saw them two ahead by 18 mins before the young representatives of Cahir Park got to grips  with the game and allowed a trademark passing game to make some chances with Andy Fitzpatrick unlucky after a mazy run from midfield.

A determined Jason Hahessy showed well in midfield against ex-Cahir player Shane McGrath and Hahessy and Eoin Farrell combined well to allow the marauding Brian Delahunty free on the right wing to put in a cross which was almost met by Liam Casey playing a lone role upfront with Jonas Kerr playing just behind.

Fitzpatrick was again close, shooting just wide on 38 mins while St Michaels - themselves fielding quite a few new faces - continued to pile on the pressure which was well dealt with by the reliable centre-back John O'Connor and partner Tom Kirwin. The Tipp side put James McGrath on the right and the returning Robbie Cunningham, working hard on the left side, under incessant pressure with fluid attacking options.

The second half began in much the same pattern, Michaels three ahead within two mins and when they continued to turn the screw, Wojtek Cymerys in the home goal was lucky to see it cannon back off the crossbar. man of the match Jason Hahessey added to the enjoyment for a sizeable home support when breaking free after 50 mins, a tame shot not doing justice to his earlier play.

With the sun blazing down on a resplendent Ardfinnan Road, Cymerys was called into action again to foil a fourth with a point blank save on the hour from a thunderbolt. Within six mins though, it was 4-0.

The fifth came from the boot of ex-Park striker Pa Quinn with 22 mins left but true to form the Park side never gave up and continued to try to make their mark. With debuts from three substitutes in Will Dunne, Aaron Murphy and Cormac Looby, the home side found a new lease of life.

Dunne, particularly a problem for the visitors down the right, made great space on 80 mins for a three-pronged attack on the visitor's goal involving himself, Fitzpatrick and Farrell.

Shortly afterward, a free from Hahessy went blazing over but the best wine was kept till last with a continuous spell of Park pressure rewarded inside the last minute of the game. With the ball bobbing around the area, it fell to Eoin Farrell to latch on to a pinpoint volley which left Aaron Wall, for the last few years a great servant to the Park, clutching air in the Michaels goal.

Although well off the pace in 2012/13 to Clonmel rivals, St Michaels on this showing will have a lot to offer while a young Park side are all fine ball players needing time to gel with each other. Indeed only three members of today's squad featured in last year's so successful Division One run-in. In that context hats off to Colm Lonergan and Jim Buckley for fielding such a hard-working, promising team in a very difficult early season. Success awaits!

Cahir Park AFC:

Woijcek Cymeras

James  McGrath, Tom Kirwin, John O'Connor,  Robbie Cunningham

Brian Delahunty,  Eoin Farrell,  Jason Hahessy, Andy Fitzpatrick 
Jonas Kerr, Liam Casey

Subs:  Will Dunne for Kerr,  Aaron Murphy for McGrath, Cormac Looby for Cunningham


Sunday August 25 2013

TSDL Premier League

Clonmel Town 4 Cahir Park 1

Scorer: Jason Hahessy 

Early pressure fails to tell and although level 1-1 at the break, Town run out deserved winners at full-time.

TSDL Division One 2015/16       
  CPk Cul Ltn Galb Kshln Redm St Ml B St Nic Tp Twn Wldns FADiff
Cahir Park10111022404310223133-2
Cullen Lattin311211112320216030273
Galbally United230221322033313134286
St Michaels B712212131113226231292
St Nicholas441022215301113036315
Tipperary Town425345101122105033285
Wilderness Rovers12311113222332242450-26

  RESULTS 2013/14

1Cahir Park AFC-1-40-70-02-11-24-41-5
2Cashel Town3-1-2-60-22-53-11-00-3
3Clonmel Celtic7-05-1-1-41-02-16-11-3
4Clonmel Town4-11-00-0-2-05-13-21-2
5Glengoole United1-13-22-21-2-1-11-03-0
6Old Bridge0-00-13-42-11-3-0-30-2
7Peake Villa5-03-21-30-33-04-3-0-0
8St Michaels1-04-10-01-01-00-06-0-


Cahir Park AFC - Paddy Purtill Cup Winners 2012/13

Cahir Park AFC - Division One Shield Winners 2012/13


 Cahir Park AFC 2011/12

Tom Ryan (Manager), Darren Sweeney, Eamonn Wootton, John O'Donnell, Shane Ryan, Jason Grant, Aaron Wall, Sean Kiernan, Alan Ward, Pakie O'Dwyer, Billy Purtill (Vice-Chaiman), Paul Conway (asst. Manager), Vinnie Conran (kit man), Shane Murphy, Jason Coffey, Pa Fitzgerald, Keelan Hickey, Paul Frazer, James Darcy, James McGrath




Premier 2011/12Cahir ParkCashel TownClonmel CelticClonmel TownTwo Mile BorrisPeake VillaSt MichaelsWildrns Rovers
Cashel Town3-1--1-13-25-22-22-33-0
Clonmel Celtic4-04-4--2-25-01-02-31-0
Two Mile Borris2-11-20-41-4



TSDL Premier League Table 2011/12

League Team






St Michaels (C)






Clonmel Celtic






Clonmel Town






Cashel Town






Peake Villa

    14    5




Wilderness Rvrs






Cahir Park (R)






Two Mile Borris (R)






The Park Hotshots
(competitive games)
Darren Sweeney  9
Shane Murphy     8
Shane McGrath    4
John Carew         2
James Darcy       2
Eamonn Wootton   1
Barry McCormack 1
Andy Fitzpatrick   1
Shane Ryan        1



REPORTS 2011/12


Sunday 15 April 2012
TSDL Premier League
 Cahir Park AFC 1  Clonmel Celtic 11

A severely understrength but game Cahir Park side were no match for the fluent attacking play from Clonmel Celtic, this year's big achievers in the TSDL, vistors to Duneke on Sunday.

A 43rd minute goal from Eamonn Wootton, well finished from the edge of the area, was all that the Park had to offer against a free scoring Celtic team. With hat-tricks from Whack O'Donnell  and Paul Kennedy, a brace for Dwayne Burns and goals  from Kieran Kendrick  (well finished from the edge of the box), a well-drilled Evan Maguire effort and a chip over hapless keeper Brian Sweeney from Eddie Doyle meant that this year's national cup heroes went home happy from the visit to Cahir.

With strong performances at times, particularly from and Cahir Park AFC senior Player of the Year left-back Keelan Hickey and Shane Ryan. along with debutante Stephen Duggan and Shane McGrath, Cahir could have had more than the solitary goal but Celtic came to inflict maximum pressure and did just that with constant waves of free-flowing football troubling a defence which at times just could not cope with the speed of the attacks.

The early exchanges that saw chances develop at both ends developed into one way traffic for a spell as Paul Frazer and James Darcy at the centre of defence were kept very busy. Celtic, 6-1 ahead at the break, were in a particularly rich vein of scoring form, Dwayne Burns particularly impressive for them leading the charge down the righ-hand side.

Cahir Park AFC:
Brian Sweeney,
Pa Fitzgerald, James Darcy, Paul Frazer, Keelan Hickey,
David Finnane, Shane McGrath, Stephen Duggan,
Eamonn Wootton, Gerard O'Dwyer, Shane Ryan
Saturday 24 March 2012
Tipperary Cup semi-final
St Michaels 4  Cahir Park AFC 0

A well-drilled St Michaels proved too good for Cahir in this semi-final of the 2012 Tipperary Cup and in the process earned a final spot against Old Bridge. Goals from James Walsh (pen), Jimmy Carr, Pa Quinn and Michael Macguire sealed the result against a Cahir team  who, although outclassed at times, never gave up the fight with a man of the match performance from left-back Keelan Hickey.

The early exchanges that saw chances developed at both ends developed into one way traffic for a spell as Paul Frazer and Barry McCormack at the centre of defence were kept very busy. On either side a strong performance from Hickey and James Darcy helped to keep a mobile Michaels attack at bay.

Down by Walsh's 5th min penalty at the break, Cahir came out  for a second half and aided by wind assistance under Cooke Park's lights, they saw Shane McGrath and Benny Ryan dominant at times in the centre of the park. This gave them good cause for optimism. However an experienced back-four was always too strong for a  lightweight but hard-working Park attack.

The Tipperary town outfit had signalled their intentions right from the off with a shot from Jason Sutton hitting the woodwork early on. With the Park weathering the expected early onslaught, they had a couple of good chances themselves at the other end with Shane Murphy, Shane Ryan and  James McGrath heavily involved. Murphy, in particular, was unfortunate not to capitalize on a  class through pass  by Shane McGrath, his header just wide on 32 mins.

Michaels, fresh off an unbeaten run to the TSDL titile were not in the humour for having a bad night, with the hugely influential left-wing Jimmy Carr and marksman Pa Quinn regularly in the spotlight. Michael Macguire was in the right place to put the ball past  Brian Sweeney with a 53rd min pinpoint header.

Michaels were further ahead with Richie Ryan finding Quinn, who,  strolling through the defence on a 20yd run unopposed, was able to to blast past Sweeney to put three between the sides after 57 mins of play. 

Eamon Glesson, introduced to midfield for the departing Pakie O'Dwyer, added a little fluidity to the Park offense as Cahir kept in the game with occasional forays to trouble Derek Breen's goal.

After 83 mins, the exceptional Carr was on hand again to score with Sweeney stranded to add more, undeserved misery to the visitors.

With four mins left on the clock, Eamonn Wootton did mange to breach the home defence with an exquisite finish from Shane McGrath's through ball. Inexplicably the goal was ruled offside.

Come full time though, the Park's early efforts had counted for nothing, with the Cahir defence eventually broken down those three times in the second half with Michaels occasionally creating chances at will, full value for the win.


Cahir Park AFC:
Brian Sweeney,
James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Paul Frazer, Keelan Hickey,
James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Shane McGrath, Shane Murphy,
Benny Ryan, Shane Ryan
Eamon Gleeson for O'Dwyer, Eamonn Wootton for Shane Ryan,
Pa Fitzgerald for McCormack,
Ger O'Dwyer, Liam Casey



Sunday 19 February 2012
TSDL Premier League
  Cahir Park AFC 1   St Michaels 5


An experimental Park side lost out to leaders St Michaels in spite of a promising first half where Cahir were a good match for their illustrious visitors. Shane Murphy provided the goal just on half-time which had the sides level at the break.

The Tipperary town outfit had signalled their intentions right from the off with a shot from John Connery hitting the woodwork after just forty seconds. With the Park weathering the expected early onslaught, they had a couple of good chances themselves at the other end with man of the match Shane Murphy heavily involved in both, the second from him the first from Eamonn Wootton.

Michaels, fresh off a defeat in the FAI Junior Cup last week, were not in the humour for a second bad week in a row though, and the highly effective Colin Bargary in the centre of the park was involved in everything combining well with right-winger Jimmy Carr and marksman Pa Quinn.

The early exchanges that saw chances developed at both ends developed into one way traffic for a spell as Paul Frazer and Barry McCormack at the centre of defence were kept very busy. On either side a strong performance from Keelan Hickey and James Darcy helped to keep a mobile Michaels attack at bay.

All the early effort went for nothing though, with the Park holding their nerve until the 25th minute when James Walsh finished strongly with a header from the third of a succession of corners.

On the half-hour, the home team had their best effort of the game with wonderful interplay between Shane McGrath, Murphy and Wootton resulting in a fine shot going just wide.

Brian Sweeney was kept busy all afternoon with a string of top-class saves including a one-handed tip over the crossbar on 39 mins as Michaels attempted to increase their lead.

Cahir signalled their intentions to make a contest of it as John Lyons' whistle beckoned for the break. On 40 mins after David Finnane had come close with a header, Shane McGrath followed up with a shot rising over.

The equalizer did come three mins later with a fine intervention by evergreen defender Frazer setting up Hickey for a mazy run through midfield from where he set up Murphy to apply the coolest of finishes to bring things level.

After the break, it was the home side who had a great chance to go ahead, Finnane put in the clear. One-on-one with the keeper, his measured shot was marginally too strong to find its way to the right side of the post.

From here, chances were few and far between with both Shane McGrath and James McGrath busier defensively than offensively. It came as no surprise therefore when Saints went ahead through Jimmy Carr on 57 mins after a torrent of attacking play down both sides finally allowed him enough space to glance the ball past Sweeney.

Keeping up the incessant pressure, a two-goal margin became three with 65 mins gone -the final touch from Chris Higgins' head from yet another corner. In free flow now, Carr was close again two mins on.

With another youth, Ian Flannery, replacing fellow Youth team hero Eamon Gleeson, chances opened up once again for the Park.

Murphy had a fine shot deflected over as shortly afterward Finnane provided some great close control to allow Shane Ryan power a shot which was always rising. This was to be Ryan's last spell of action - his 73rd min dismissal for a second yellow card reduced the home team to ten.

James Walsh made in 4-1 from the spot after Frazer was unlucky enough to handle in the box. At this point, Cahir hearts - strong to this point - finally gave in and Michaels had an opportunity to practice shoot for five mins.

By the 88th min, great work down the right provided the perfect ball for former Park man Quinn to finish to put some gloss on the performance.

Cahir's final league game in a disappointing campaign is against league contenders Clonmel Celtic, that to take place after next week's Tipperary Cup action. 

Cahir Park AFC:
Brian Sweeney,
James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Paul Frazer, Keelan Hickey,
James McGrath, Eamon Gleeson, Shane McGrath, Shane Murphy,
Shane Ryan, Eamon Wootton
Subs: David Finnane for Wootton, Ian Flannery for Gleeson, Ger O'Dwyer for James McGrath


Sunday 5 February 2012
TSDL Premier League
Wilderness Rovers 6  Cahir Park AFC 0

A couple of strange refereeing decisions, the first to ban the away team's managers involvement in the game and the second not to allow substitutions for the Park did nothing to aid the visitor's effort in this on Sunday last where Cahir were up against a determined Wilderness side on their home patch.

In truth, after a second half dismissal for abusive language, Cahir were defintely second best and lost all shape and commitment to the cause with the home side by far the more dominant.

Hoping to re-ignite a challenge for Premier League points, the Park started this game in flying fashion with an early free well floated in to the box by Pa Fitzgerald only for no-one to connect with it.

The early exchanges saw chances at both ends produce nothing with Pakie O'Dwyer strong in midfield aided on either flank by Keelan Hickey and James McGrath.

All the early effort went for nothing though, with the Park going 1-0 down on 21 mins, an inrushing Fitzgerald unlucky to put through his own goal.

Brian Sweeney was kept busy all afternoon with a string of top-class saves including a purposeful diving save on 23 mins as the Wildies tried to make their dominance count.

On the half hour the home team were celebrating once again, this time prematurely, as Hickey got back to clear a Jonas Kerr effort off the line.

The sharp Seanie O'Hara made up for this in spades however, with 36 mins gone, when he beat the offside trap to finish in style rounding Sweeney.

Cahir signalled their intentions to make a contest of it with a Shane Murphy attempt bringing the best out of the Wildie's defence close to half time.

With an early save in the second half by Sweeney and three successive swift attacks, Rovers smelt blood with their best effort seeing Brian Sweeney rush across his goal to smother a promising build-up. man of the match Shane Ryan was involved on the next attempt on the home goal, his shot going wide.

With 50 mins gone however, there was a three goal margin between the sides, the Park defence powerless to stop the strong running of Dino McSharry. He finished his first of a second-half hat-trick in the process.

This was to spell the start of a disastrous spell for the visitors. In a very effective period for Rovers, McSharry added two more, in the 60th and 63rd mins, the Cahir defence unable to deal with his quick feet.

At the other end, Niall Kelly was the perfect foil for the little Cahir had to throw at the host's defence on the day. Coming out of the game with their first clean sheet of the season, the efforts of Ryan, Shane Murphy and Eamon Wootton had little effect on a very accomplished display by the Wilderness rearguard.

With Fitzgerald seeing red in the wake of Wildie's fifth, the uphill battle was only to get worse. In what was Cahir's worst result of the season, Rovers took advantage of everything they could.

The persistent Kelly added a sixth with a determined finish on 75. However when other teams might have folded even more, ironically what followed was one of the best periods in the game from Cahir.

Now pushing for a consolation goal and playing their football in the other half rather than inviting the opposition on constantly, the Park had real chances to spoil the Wildie's party. First a volleyed shot from Murphy, then a Ryan free over on 79mins followed by a James Darcy cross for Eamon Wootton to work on in the box, all made real goalscoring opportunities for the visitors.

With Wilderness now resorting to a trademark quick-breaking game, Cahir seemed to finally get the measure of their opponents, albeit far too late in the day.

The Park were to have the final say, McGrath unfortunate not to finish better after great work on the right by Ryan. 

In a day remembered for off-field action as much as onfield, referee John Walsh gave a second yellow to Pakie O'Dwyer for comments made, as both teams left the field.

                                                                                                      Cahir Park AFC: 

                                                                                                       Brian Sweeney,

                                                          James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Eamon Gleeson, Pa Fitzgerald, 

                                                            James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer,  Keelan Hickey, Shane Ryan,

                                                                                  Eamonn Wootton, Shane Murphy.

                                                                    Subs: Seanie Kiernan, Ger O'Dwyer, Paul Frazer
Sunday 22 January 2012
Tipperary Cup, third round
Cahir Park AFC 5  St Nicholas 4


It was a goalfest at Ardfinnan Road on Sunday with the Premier League outfit getting the better of the Division One team and in the process qualifying for the last eight of the Tipperary Cup. The Park were hoping not to repeat another Cup defeat at the hands of opposition from lower leagues, having lost out in the Munster Junior Cup to St Nicholas' neighbours, Cullen-Lattin.

The home side were in control and bossed the game for the most part thanks mainly to the efforts of man of the match Shane McGrath and to Benny Ryan, both returning to the team. Both these talents acted as catalysts for others to play beyond themselves in a fine team performance. McGrath scored a quality hat-trick on the day, with Shane Murphy and James Darcy, from the spot, adding the other scores.

The first five mins saw both teams take the measure of the other and the Solohead looked as up for it as their illustrious opposition. In the sixth min, the deadlock was broken with the visitors scoring first. After confusion in the home defence, Joss O'Brien was first to react to scramble the ball past Gearoid Slattery.

The Park were quick to react and a Ryan free from 25 yds out on the left, had the Nicholas defence troubled. On 13 there was further trouble for the Solhead rearguard which saw them reduced to ten men after a clear handball stopped a certain Park equalizer. Stalwart James Darcy had no trouble in beating the keeper Mark Lowry not once but twice, referee John Teehan forcing a re-take for an infringement.

On 20 mins great work by Pa Fitzgerald, Ryan and Shane McGrath saw the final shot smothered. Pakie O'Dwyer was involved in the next move with a classy stepover allowing a trademark dribble from Ryan to feed Shane McGrath who spotted Shane Murphy, running in from the left. Murphy finished perfectly to put the home side two-one up, 18 mins gone.

Slattery had a fantastic one-handed save to make on 20 mins foiling another O'Brien effort as St. Nicholas kept up the pressure, showing they were not about to give in just yet.

Immediately after, Shane McGrath was involved and from Slattery's kick-out put through a perfect ball to Shane Murphy, his shot hitting the side netting. With an half-hour gone, a rasping shot from Ryan saw Lowry parry the shot into the path of Eamonn Wootton. When it may have been easier to slide the ball home, the unfortunate Wootton managed to put the ball over the bar.

On 33, the sides were once again level, a shot driven into the box at height was connected to by the head of defender Barry McCormack who deflected past Slattery.

With another couple of chances going abegging up fromt, Cahir were beginning to rue so many misses from all the hard work as half-time beckoned, Wootton and Shane McGrath once more coming close.

With Darcy breaking from the right and Fitzgerald from the left and Paul Frazer solid at the back, there was more and more pressure on the Solohead defence, James McGrath getting in on the action with 44 on the clock with Murphy providing the cross from the left.

In a 4-3-3 formation for the second half, Cahir were far more fluent, taking good advantage of the extra man. A James Darcy cross from the right on 47 had Murphy come close to giving the Park the lead, but unbalanced, his header went harmlessly wide.

In a period of dominance for the home side, first Shane McGrath and then James McGrath had effots in quick succession both blocked down by a dogged Nicholas defence who refused to throw in the towel.

Sean Kiernan's introduction brought another attacking dynamic to the team with the Cahir defence well capable of stopping the odd Nicholas break. However, perhaps feeling too confident, no-one saw the neeed to attack what looked like an innocuous cross from the left on 66 mins, leaving Eoin Riordan to power home unopposed at the far post to the shock of a sizeable home support.

Cahir, a chastened team, applied themselves much better now and within two mins were back level again - the first of three from Shane McGrath, his volley bulging the net after top-drawer work from Darcy and James McGrath down the right flank.

A Fitzgerald cross which could have provided the ammunition for a fourth, arrived with twenty to go. Sean Kiernan, rushing in at the far post was unlucky not to connect.

On 76, the inevitable lead goal did arrive - a carbon copy of the second, McGrath providing for Shane McGrath to half-volley home from 25 yards out. James McGrath, playing like a man possessed on the right, put in another excellent cross seconds later, the inrushing O'Dwyer driving over.

With all the action at one end, Paul Conway and Kenny Burke took the opportunity to give an outing to another promising youth player, the solid Eamonn Gleeson introduced to the back-four.

With five mins left there was still more goals in this one - the home side were two clear when Shane McGrath intercepted the ball in midfield and after a series of keepie-uppies, the first of which got him past an attempted Nicholas challenge, he sprayed the ball to James McGrath, now totally bossing the right wing. James' pinpoint cross found Shane rushing in to the box to blast past Lowry, game set and match!

Lowry though, was to have the last say, for it was he who would convert the spot-kick past Slattery after Riordan was upended in the box on 89, to leave the sides with the narrowest of margins between them at game end.

Cahir Park AFC: Gearoid Slattery, James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Paul Frazer, Pa Fitzgerald, James McGrath, Shane McGrath, Benny Ryan, Pakie O'Dwyer, Eamonn Wootton, Shane Murphy.

Subs: Seanie Kiernan for Wootton, Eamon Gleeson for McCormack, Ger O'Dwyer for Darcy, Tezi Opala




Sunday 8 January 2012
TSDL Premier League
Cahir Park AFC 0 Clonmel Town 1

The Park started the new year in confident mood with a resilient performance aginst troubled Clonmel Town the first game of the second half of the season. A David McGrath goal in the second half was enough to separate the sides although Paul Conway's charges can take heart from a spirted performance on the day, one which left them disappointed that the points weren't shared.

With Paul Frazer in control of early chances for Clonmel, it was going to take a big effort to breach the home defence on the day.
A Keelan Hickey free on 10 was cleared confidently by Evan Comerford in the Town goal - his Minor All-Ireland goalkeeping colleague Gearoid Slattery making his debut at the other end - proving that the Park would also have to be on song to make inroads on a Town defence not playing up to their high standards this year.

David Finnane's attrempt on 25 was the nearest the home side came to scoring despite lots of assistance from a midfield pairing of James McGrath and Dean Lonergan and a man of the match performance by the ever-willing James Darcy.
With Eamonn Wooton and Shane Murphy starved of the ball up front and a solid performance from Barry McCormack, Hickey and Seanie Kiernan, the most of the game was spent to-ing and fro-ing in the middle of the park.

Towards the end of the half, it looked like the Clonmel side would be on top at the break with quick breaks beginning to wear down Cahir's best attempts at closing them out.

Inside the second 45, a quick Shane Murphy break had Comerford worried but the final shot went flying over.

Town's best efforts saw a shot stinging the hands of Slattery as he pushed it away to the left for a corner and in a good period for them, three more attempts on the Cahir goal before the home team were forced into a change in personnel.

With the ariel advantage brought about by the introduction of Liam Casey, Cahir were a changed team, raiding the wings at will, Murphy and Finnane more heavily involved.

Casey provided a pinpoint through ball on the hour for Darcy to run on to but, having taken a touch too many, Comerford was able to claim at his feet when it looked like Cahir were going one up.

The first did arrive quickly afterward, not at the Clonmel end but at the opposite end when Town's version of the long-ball game saw David McGrath first to react on 66 mins to push the ball past Slattery.

With Jimmy Hynes testing Gavin Berry, on for Kiernan, Clonmel could well have gone two up shortly afterward but what followed was pleasing to the large home crowd as a game Park side took the game to Town and ended the game without the points but certainly not lacking in trying.

On 70 Finnane had another effort and was involved again down the right to cross for Berry to shoot across the keeper.
On 74 mins Clonmel broke free two on one, the final shot by David McGrath going wide when more easily scored.

Cahir Park AFC:
Gearoid Slattery, 
Seanie Kiernan, Barry McCormack, Paul Frazer, Keelan Hickey, 
James Darcy, James McGrath, Dean Lonergan, David Finnane, Eamonn Wootton, 
Shane Murphy, David Finnane.
Subs: Liam Casey for Wootton, Gavin Berry for Kiernan





Sunday 18 December 2011

TSDL Premier League

 Cahir Park AFC 0   Peake Villa 5

Peake Villa took all three league points on offer on Sunday at Ardfinnan Road. Playing the Thurles team who have had a similar campaign to ourselves this year, this would have been earmarked as one where points may be available. From that viewpoint, the result could only be termed as deeply disappointing.

From early on, Villa pressured the home side and their nice fluent style was rewarded when after only five mins, Jody Harkin putting them ahead when making the most of a hesitant defence.

The Park could have been two down when Barry McCormack's attempted clearance came back off keeper Brian Sweeney's left hand post. At the Town end, Andy Fitzpatrick's penetrating run on the left wing to release a lively David Finnane deserved better with Finnane's shot just going wide.

One of the best Peake chances was foiled on 33 mins when Sweeney was down quickly to deal with the second of three goalbound shots in quick succession, the final one flying over.

A hardworking James Darcy was next into the action when one of his trademark forward runs from defence saw him go close with a fine shot on target with ten to go to the break.

All the while though, the Park were guilty of too easily giving the ball away and then making it hard for themselves to quell the visiting team's quick runs.

Peake's quick footwork earned them four corners in succession in the last five mins of the first half - from the last of these they went further ahead, keeper Sweeney unsighted as the ball passed him bound for the head of Donal Duggan at the far post.

Inside the second 45, new boss Paul Conway introduced another promising youth to senior football with the debut of all-round sportsman Liam Casey, introduced for the injured Keelan Hickey.

Ger O'Dwyer also replaced Shane Murphy in similar circumstances and he combined well with Shane Ryan and Finnane on introduction.

With a good shot on target from Casey, it was Sweeney's goal which was under pressure from the re-start, the man of the match quick to react to a fast dangerous break which he manged to smother well.

On 65 Villa were three up, former Clonmel Town and Fairview Rangers player Ian Barnes crossing for Duggan to finish strongly.

The home side were reduced to ten men in the latter stages, |Brian Sweeney sent to nthe line. With Peake adding two more goals from Michael Ryan and Noel Kent in the last twenty, it was never going to be anything but a bad day at the office for the home side, one from which many can learn lessons. Let's hope that in the New Year all can pull in the same direction to make Cahir Park players once again proud to wear the shirt.

Our gratitude goes to Tom Ryan for his efforts whilst in charge in a transitionary period for Cahir Park AFC. 

Now a new chapter needs to begin where everyone's genuine efforts are rewarded with real support from those around them.Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, James Darcy, Seanie Kiernan, Barry McCormack, Keelan Hickey, James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Shane Ryan, Andy Fitzpatrick; Shane Murphy, David Finnane. Subs: Liam Casey for Hickey, Ger O'Dwyer for Murphy, Paul Frazer






Sunday 11 December 2011

Munster Junior Cup, third round

Cullen-Lattin 1 Cahir Park AFC 0

Cahir Park were due to teavel to Cullen on Sunday but a waterlogged pitch saw the game moved to Cahir. Cullen_lattin from Division Two came with nothing to lose, played to that maxim and ran out winners at game end, Davy Heffernan providing the goal that was the difference between the sides, a fine individual effort on 73 mins.

It took a long time for any pattern of play to develop with tough challenges going in all round in this winner-take-all encounter, neither side being particularly accurate in the last third with the game played largely in the centre of the park.

After twenty mins the visitors went close, John Russell one-on-one with the keeper only to be foiled by a pinpoint last gasp challenge from Keelan Hickey. Cullen were mobile around all areas of the pitch at this stage and fought gamely for every ball.

Up front, the strength of Shane Ryan was a big plus for the home team with Adam Karina and Man of the Match James McGrath providing good ball in support from both wings. With Ed Burke, Paul Frazer and Dean Lonergan finding it hard to make headway from midfield, the Lattin side were dominant and dealt well with all put up to them.

The best move of the game from a Park perspective saw a five man move open the West Tipp boys defence - Hickey played the ball out of defence to Frazer who fed Lonergan and Karina for Ryan to provide the final shot which was smothered by Ger Ryan in the away goal.

With John Russell doing well on his wing, the men in claret showed no fear of the illustrious hosts, palying with pride and passion until the break whilst Cahir's best attempts saw the introduced Shane Murphy force a corner on the 40th min, a McGrath header going over.

An eager Ryan was to have the first opportunity of the second 45, his shot well on target after a Fitzgerald assist. From the clearance, a mis-timed tackle saw Fitzgerald yellow-carded, referee Tony Maher showing cards to several from both sides within the next twenty mins as tackles became over-exhuberant from both sides. Cullen-Lattin were reduced to ten men in this spell with a challenge on Pakie O'Dwyer deemed too serious.

Seanie Kiernan broke from defence on the hour to put Murphy through once again, the final shot no challenge for Ryan in the visiting goal. With Tom Ryan introducing the youth top-scorer David Finnane for his debut, the Park may have believed a thee-pronged attack would be the way to foil a well-marshalled defence. Indeed Finnane did add a certain firepower for the remaing twenty mins.

 On 73 the goal that was to divide the teams came about with a well-worked passing movement splitting first the Park midfield and then the defence, Davy Heffernan picking the ball up thirty yards out, continuing his run to make room for himself to fire past the flailing arms of Brian Sweeney in the home goal.

Shortly afterward, Cahir were down to ten also with anothe yellow card offence proving one too many for Fitzgerald. With incessant pressure for the equalizer, the Park bore down on the Lattin goalmouth which held firm with one exception - Shane Ryan had what was to be the best chance to make it 1-1 when through on goal one-on-one with Ger Ryan, the latter's save good enough to push the ball away for a corner.

The final attempt of consequence saw Finnane's shot whistle over from a McGrath corner, the solitary goal enough to end the Park's interest in the Munster Junior abate for another year.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, Pa Fitzgerald, Seanie Kiernan, Pakie O'Dwyer, Keelan Hickey, James McGrath, Paul Frazer, Ed Burke, Dean Lonergan, Adam Karina; Shane Ryan.

Subs: Shane Murphy for Frazer, David Finnane for Karina, James Darcy for Burke



20 November 2011

TSDL Premier League

Cashel Town 3  Cahir Park AFC 1

Cashel Town took all three league points on offer on Sunday at Palmershill Park, Cashel. Playing the hosts for the fourth time this season, Cahir were seldom in contention to get anything from the game from the time a 16th min strike put Town ahead.

From then on, despite a strong finish and occasional forays to trouble the Cashel defence, the Park were generally second best and a combination of inaccuracy and poor passing meant they only had John Carew's late goal in reply to two quick second half goals from  from Henry Flynn.

The Park, ironically, could have taken the lead before Cashel settled, the first quarter-hour offering no real clear-cut chance for either side. On 16 mins the deadlock was broken with an accurate through ball from a free-kick finding a free forward to poke home.

One of the Park's chances on 20 mins saw Pa Fitzgerald almost connect at the far post from a corner from the foot of Darren Sweeney to be followed shortly by a header from Paul Frazer which was close to bulging the home net.

At the back meanwhile cahir man of the match Gavin Berry along with James Darcy and Barry McCormack were kept busy as the speedy James Harding caused havoc on the right flank with Frazer clearing a certain goal chance on 25 mins.

Town had a purple patch for twenty mins and accurate, short passes were in evidence to scythe through the Park midfield and defence at will, luckily for a good travelling support the final shot generally leaving something to be desired.

With just over half an hour gone, Cahir had James Darcy to thank when his timely intervention prevented a one-on-one with Brian Sweeney from increasing the score for Cashel. The final chance of the half would however go to the Park and an ever-more impressive Adam Karina made space for himself to fire in a shot which just veered over.

The second half was just six mins old when Flynn struck to put Cashel further ahead. He kept his head  when intercepting the ball at the eighteen-yard line and finished off a great individual effort. Four mins later two became three with a carbon copy of his second effort. Cahir heads began to drop and but from some strategic changes, it looked like damage limitation would be the order of the day.

With Carew on on the wing Cahir found a new strength. It was two between the sides when his 67th min attempted chip had the desired results and the twenty yarder dropped perfectly behind the keeper and into the net.

Buoyed by this Cahir would have the best of the next ten mins, Cashel left to a few long-range speculative efforts. Ger O'Dwyer was now the point of attack and he had two good chances that could well have levelled the game, both unfortunately not put away. The first saw him three yards from a crowded goal after good work from Karina and Carew released a perfect ball, the second a headed chance with six mins left, Shane Murphy this time the one to assist.

Just on full time, the Town defence were once again troubled by O'Dwyer, his final chance a longer-range header was unlikely to change the scoreline, the home side running out deserved winners.


Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Seanie Kiernan, Gavin Berry; Adam Karina, Paul Frasier, Shane Ryan, Pa Fitzgerald; Darren Sweeney, Shane Murphy.

Subs: James McGrath for Shane Ryan, John Carew for Sweeney, Jason Coffey for Paul Frazer, Gerard O'Dwyer for Murphy, Declan Enright




13 November 2011

Munster Junior Cup, second round

Vee Rovers 1 Cahir Park AFC 3

  Local bragging rights were up for contention as Vee Rovers hosted the Park at Scart on Sunday last. With many former Park men in their ranks, Vee would relish the opportunity to put one over their illustrious neighbours. Indeed it looked like that just might happen with the home side taking an early lead, carry it to the break but to fall away with early second half goals from  Cahir which were added to by game end.

The Park were one down on 7 mins, Warren O'Brien taking full advantage of an error in defence. A nervous Park team took some time to settle but when they did, Shane Ryan was close to opening their account when his shot in a crowded box could only fall to the Clogheen side's keeper. The early pressure from the home team continued and buoyed by the early goal they were almost two up from a free but for a fine save from Brian Sweeney.

On 20 mins great work by Man of the Match Adam Karina freed Shane Murphy to shoot just past the post. At the other end, Vee's latest chance saw another free saved at his right-hand post by Sweeney who provided yet another outstretched save on 35 to prevent further harm to a sometimes shaky defensive record.

Jason Coffey's free header in the box from a James McGrath corner was the best of what the visitors could offer as the half wore down but an always industrious Shane Murphy was on hand to provide a pinpoint pass to Darren Sweeney who lost a great opportunity by shooting over when he had more space than he thought available.

As the break approached, it was the home side who made best use of the ball, former Park man Cormac Crowe very close with a fine chance after splitting the Park defence with a trademark run.

Cahir came out a chastened team and applied themselves much better in this game of two halves, McGrath showing great promise when close to connecting with the first free of the half floated into the area. Immediately, Murphy was in to challenge the keeper symbolizing a new found vigour in the Park approach.

Also within the opening few minutes, Pa Fitzgerald and Karina worked well to provide a constant feed for hungry strikers with Seanie Kiernan at the back dependable on dealing with the ever reducing Rovers forays into Cahir's half. Deservedly, the equalizer arrived on 53 mins with Kiernan providing a through ball for Murphy to latch on to.

One became two within two mins, with Sweeney at the far post to meet Murphy's assist.

Happy with the lead, Cahir then began to sit back again and were severely tested by Crowe and O'Brien efforts, James Darcy having to be at his best to deal with the effervescent O'Brien on the left flank.

The best Rovers effort in this period saw a shot come back off the right-hand post and come back in to play to be cleared by Barry McCormack. A 77th min free on the edge of the box for Rovers proved the turning point of the game, Sweeney once again equal to the free.

 The fine home crowd sensed this may have been the best of the Clogheen's side's chances. Crowe teamed up with Shane Tobin to provide what would their last real effort to get something from the game.

At the other end, a busy John Carew has been introduced and he wasted no time in testing the keeper with a fine strike. At the opposite end a succession of corners came to nothing for the home team, Carew clearing upfield from the second one to provide a chance for Murphy again.

However, it would be Carew himself who had the final say when receiving the ball on the eighteen yard line and working himself into space to fire past the busy Clogheen netminder.

Cahir now travel to Cullen for the third round clash and can feel confident based on this performance. 

 Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Seanie Kiernan, Gavin Berry; Adam Karina, Jason Coffey, Shane Ryan, Pa Fitzgerald; Darren Sweeney, Shane Murphy.

Subs: James McGrath for Shane Ryan, John Carew for Sweeney, Paul Frazer, Gerard O'Dwyer, Declan Enright




6 November 2011
TSDL Premier League

Cahir Park AFC 0 Two Mile Borris 0

The Park had the ideal opportunity to claim third place in the League with a home win on Sunday against strugglers Borris. With the visitors reduced to ten men on 20 mins, Cahir should have take advantage but in fact didn't and a dour display left matters level at the break.

Openings at both ends meant the second half was far more enjoyable as a spectacle with the home team putting pressure on the Borris goal incessantly but always at the risk of allowing a quick break from the visitors to ensure that Brian Sweeney in goal was kept busy all afternoon.

Within the opening few minutes, Pa Fitzgerald tested the Borris keeper and proved to be a real handful while down the opposite flank debutant Adam Karina showed enough to ensure we'll see him regularly through the rest of the campaign.

Brian Sweeney was called into action with 25 gone, comfortably handling a succession of Borris attacks, as often happens the 10-man team being the ones to adapt and play above themselves while the Park were left to few opportunities as a result of inaccurate passing and lack of concentration.

With top-scorer trying hard up front, he was given a chance to break the deadlock on 28mins, his delicate chip curling past the target. A fast Borris break saw them try to chip Sweeney who was alive to the danger.

With ten mins to the break, Karina was involved in a one-two with Pakie O'Dwyer to allow a tireless Shane Murphy a chance on goal, his shot smothered by an aware away keeper.

On settling down, the home side had the better of the early second -half exchanges and Barry McCormack could have been more lucky with an accurate header from a Murphy corner. man of the match Shane Ryan worked an opening for himself on the edge of the box to unleash a cracker which took the best efforts of the Borris net-minder to stop.

Sweeney was almost caught off his line on 62 mins with good vision show by the Borris midfield general in his attempt to put the visitors ahead.

After some strategic changes on both sides, all changes bringing something more positive to the game, Seanie Kiernan was called to action in an effort to stop a marauding right winger cause further trouble to a defence well marshalled by McCormack and Gavin Berry.

A Fitzpatrick volley followed by a Murphy volley were amongst the best of the attempts as the game wound down into something frustraing for the home side with a combination of top-class goalkeeping, inaccurate shooting and plain bad luck keeping the tie scoreless.

Ryan had another attempt to break the deadlock but home fans knew it was not to be their day when an impressive John Carew was put in the clear on 89 mins but for his header to come back off the crossbar.

A hard-earned point ahead of the Cup clash with neighbours Vee Rovers in Clogheen in seven days time.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Seanie Kiernan, Gavin Berry; Adam Karina, Pakie O'Dwyer, Shane Ryan, Pa Fitzgerald; Darren Sweeney, Shane Murphy.

Subs: John Carew for Kiernan, Keelan Hickey for Fitzgerald, Andy Fitzpatrick for Karina, Jason Coffey, Paul Frazer, James McGrath




 30 October 2011
TSDL Premier League

Peake Villa 1  Cahir Park AFC 1

    The Park started well in this one and were unlucky not to claim all three points by game end.

With a high workrate and good pressure, the visitors went ahead when good support work from Shane Ryan and Pakie O'Dwyer put through Shane Murphy on ten mins and his low shot found the net through a crowded area.

In the early quarter, it was all Cahir with Darren Sweeney pulling a good save out of the Peake goalie.

On settling down, the home side had the better of the next exchanges and were back on level terms after a succession of corners saw them eventually find space to put a good shot through the Cahir defence. man of the match Shane Ryan was in full flight early in the second half and his penetrative play was unlucky not to reap a reward as the visiting defence stayed well on top of anything on offer from the hosts.

The Park may consider themselves unfortunate not to take more from the game and will look forward with confidence to next weeks home encounter with Two-Mile-Borris.

 Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Seanie Kiernan, Gavin Berry; James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Shane Ryan, Pa Fitzgerald; Darren Sweeney, Shane Murphy. Subs: Jason Coffey for McCormack, John Carew for Darren Sweeney, Keelin Hickey for Shane Ryan, Andy Fitzpatrick, Simon Williams





23 October 2011
Tipperary Cup, first round
 Cahir Park AFC 4  Kilbehenny Celtic 0

Cahir Park came away from a rain soaked Ardfinnan Road with a predictably comfortable win against lower division opposition in fouth division Kilbehenny

 Celtic. Celtic kept in the game for the first half-hour, however goals from Darren Sweeney, James Darcy, a debut goal from John Carew and a fine finish by Shane Ryan ensured a good run-out in the early morning kick-off for the home team.

The Park had to spend some time to settle into the game before Celtic were broken down in the twenty-ninth minute with Darren Sweeney finishing his

seventh competitive goal of the season from a fine assist by a bright Pakie O'Dwyer pass to split the defence.

Cahir's domination continued with the returning Barry McCormack and Seanie Kiernan solid in defence and James Darcy and Gavin Berry taking full

advantage of space along the wings, From one of these breaks, Shane  Murphy had an effort hit the woodwork.

Inside the second half, Darcy's raiding of the wings along with Pa Fitzgerald and James McGrath produced fruit - Jason Coffey breaking through from his midfield berth to free Darcy with a pinpoint cross from the left, Darcy finishing well.

With manof the match O'Dwyer in great form in the centre of the park, Sweeney and the substitute Shane Ryan had plenty of efforts to

increase the scoreline. A turn on the edge of the box allowed Ryan blast past the Celtic keeper to put three between the sides on 70 mins.

He could well have has his second four mins later with a directed shot heading for the corner but for Carew putting his head to it and consequently been ruled offside.

 With ten mins left, Sweeney missed a great opportunity when hitting the underside of the bar when clean through after great work by Fitzgerald on the right flank.

Carew did have the chance to make up for the earlier miss in the 88th min - a close-in finish getting the better of the visitor's defence as the gulf between the teams began to show.

So it's Cahir who go forward tot he second round of the 43-team competition and it is they who will look forward with confidence to another challenge in a Cup won last year by Tipp town outfit St Micheals. Meanwhile, the Park are back in League action at Peake Villa next Sunday.


Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Seanie Kiernan, Gavin Berry; James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer,  Jason Coffey, Pa Fitzgerald; Darren Sweeney, Shane Murphy. Subs: John Carew for McGrath, Shane Ryan for Murphy, Simon Williams for Coffey.




16 October 2011
FAI Junior Cup, second round
Cashel Town 4 Cahir Park AFC 0

Cahir Park ended their interest in the 724-team FAI Junior Cup competition on Sunday at Palmershill Park, Cashel. Playing the hosts for the third time this season, Cahir were seldom in contention to get anything from the game from the time Andy Flynn's 16th min strike put Town ahead.

From then on, despite a bright start to the second half, the Park were always second best and a combination of lethargy and enforced team changes meant they bowed out thanks to further goals from ex-Park schoolboy James Harding and two from Henry Flynn.

The Park, ironically, could have taken the lead before Cashel settled, with Shane Murphy and James McGrath coming close. Early chances also for Alan Ward, with a 13th min free-kick saved well by the keeper for Cashel, Philly Doherty. As Cashel began to assert their influence, Darren Sweeney, so often athe danger at the other end this season, was called into service in goal, and reacted well.

Andy Flynn's first goal for the hosts was well deserved on the balance of play - a perfectly-timed volley finished well. Their good, quick and accurate passing was in contrast to the visitors, who just never seemed to get out of the traps despite their best efforts. Cashel's hunger suggested  they didn't want to suffer a hat-trick of defeats at the hands of the Cahir men.

 With another free-kick from Ward on 25 mins finding only the keeper's arms, there was futher opportunity for Town to attack from the quick despatch of Doherty. But for the quick-thinking and accurate interception of Pakie O'Dwyer just inside the area, the Park could have been further behind. The clearance was completed with typical drive by James Darcy, a man of the match performance for encouragement in leading by example.

Not getting their share of the breaks, Cahir went further behind a minute before half-time after Haring's threatening run down the right put a perfect ball in the box for Henry Flynn to finish.

The Cahir team's best spell came in the first ten mins of the second 45 and threatening efforts from Shane Murphy, Shane Ryan, James McGrath and Jason Coffey had Doherty on his toes. Competing much more effectively, Pa Fitzgerald and impressive debutante John Carew had much more of the play on the flanks and began to make inroads in a solid  Cashel defence.

Chasing their first of the day, Cahir were punished on the break with Harding, last in line of three potentiasl finishers to a cross from the right, leaving Sweeney stranded. With Henry Flynn's header putting more daylight between the sides, the Park were left to fight for nothing but pride. To their credit, they continued to do this and good interplay between Coffey and Murphy on the right and a tame shot from the latter, deserved more.

 A 70th min attempted bicycle kick finish from Carew almost brought joy to a good travelling support whilst two final efforts from Darcy (an 84th min shot whistling wide) and McGrath (one on one with the keeper but seeing his effort smothered) brought Cahir's attempts for the day to a close and a deserved win for Town at game end.

Cahir Park AFC: Darren Sweeney, Simon Williams, James Darcy, Keelan Hickey, Seanie Kiernan; Pa Fitzgerald, James McGrath,  Pakie O'Dwyer, Alan Ward; Jason Coffey, Shane Murphy. Subs: Shane Ryan for Ward, John Carew for Williams, Ger O'Dwyer for Coffey, Bartosz Opala.






2 October 2011
Munster Junior Cup, first round
 Cahir Park AFC 2  Cashel Town 2

(Cahir Park win 3-1 on pens)  

Played in pleasant conditions, Cahir Park entertained a Cashel side which they had already overcome in an earlier League clash this season. Cashel, however, were far the brighter side in the opening quarter hour, Cahir being lucky to keep it scoreless until themselves kicking into action with goals from Andy Fitzpatrick and a well-placed free-kick from Darren Sweeney.

In cruise control, until the break, the home  side then let a similar pattern develop in the second 45, Cashel exacting full payment with goals from John Kennedy and Ned Butler. The cup clash then went to extra time with no further goals and then finally to penalties, Brian Sweeney in blistering form to save two and scoring one on the way to a 3-1 win from spot kicks for the hosts. man of the match Sweeney was early into action inside the first five mins with a reaction save spoiling an early Cashel chance. Town were also inside the danger area when a well-floated header from a corner went just wide.

It took all of twenty five mins for the home side to trouble the Town keeper. James McGrath, playing a fine game once again on the right wing, fed Shane McGrath and, in turn, Shane Murphy, the final effort deserving better. Free-scoring Darren Sweeney then came to life also with a classy chip going just over.

The same player did provide the opener on 28 mins - a free-kick conceded 20 yds out was converted successfully following the bearing fruit of a set-piece routine worked on in training.

Just on the half-time whistle, an accurate James McGrath shot from a Shane McGrath / Sweeney routine had the Cashel keeper called to action - the rebound finished well by Andy Fitzpatrick in the right place at the right time.

Cahir's second-half early chances had an effort involving Keelan Hickey, Fitzpatrick and finally, Shane Murphy come close, going underneath the goalie and wide.

Town's early bright spell from the first half was repeated in the second and they were full value for their first goal, scored by John Kennedy when, in the 65th min, he found the ball at his feet in a crowded box and drilled it home confidently past Brian Sweeney.

At the other end, Murphy was not to be outdone, a purposeful header landing on target but without the necessary strength behind it.

On 76 mins, Shane Ryan, on for Sweeney in a re-jigged home side, had to be alert to clear from another dangerous Cashel attack from their marauding right winger.

The next attack from the visitors did provide them with what was required - Ned Butler, appearing amazed that the ball had forced its way through a strong home defence, had a scuffed shot roll under Sweeney's body and into the net, honours even with eleven mins to go.

The Cahir midfield, with both McGraths playing their part, then took hold of the game, hoping to win in regulation time. James McGrath, creating space in the box with a mazy run, allowed Murphy to produce a stinging shot, well held by the travelling net-minder. The final shot in anger came from a rasping shot from Fitzpatrick after a Park corner.

In the first period of extra time, only two Sweeney punches clear kept Cashel from stealing the tie. A wonderful long-range pass from O'Dwyer found Murphy clean through on 102 mins, his angle narrowing all the time, the strength of his attempt on goal was reduced, the keeper parrying it away for a corner.

In a commanding performance in the centre of the Park, Ryan cleared all Town ball as penalties beckoned. Keeper Sweeney had the last action, when he could have been punished more severely when spilling a shot saved on the edge of the area. It would come down to the aforementioned keeper to become the hero of the day on spot kicks.

Both Town's penalties were saved by him, Murphy's spot kick to the centre and James Darcy penalty to the right putting Cahir ahead two-nil. With Henry Flynn shooting over for the visitors, keeper beat keeper with Sweeney's blaster to the left claiming a place in the second round for the home side.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, James Darcy, Seanie Kiernan, Paul Frazer, Keelan Hickey; James McGrath, Shane McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Andy Fitzpatrick; Darren Sweeney, Shane Murphy. Subs: Pa Fitzgerald for Frazer, Shane Ryan for D Sweeney, Jason Coffey for Kiernan, Gavin Berry, Alan Ward.









 25 September 2011
Clonmel Credit Union Premier League
Clonmel Celtic 4  Cahir Park AFC 0

The trip to leaders Clonmel Celtic was always going to be a big challenge for a Cahir Park side in transition and so it proved to be on Sunday last, the Park at the wrong end of a 4-0 score-line which showed a gulf between the experience available to both sides, Celtic fielding a settled side whilst the visitors could not be said to be at full strength.

Dominant for a large part of the game, the Celtic fans present would have been happy with the performance.

With keeper Brian Sweeney one of the busiest players on the pitch, the Celtic attack force marshalled by Paddy O'Donnell had a good day at the office.

It took about 15 mins for the Park to settle enough to put any coherent attack together - youth player Keelan Hickey taking off on a run from defence which saw him pressurise the Celtic rearguard.

After soaking some Clonmel pressure,  Pakie O'Dwyer was unlucky with two long-rang efforts making best use of the windy conditions.

The first goal came in the 24th min, intense pressure in the away goalmouth saw a shot head towards Sweeney's right post. Unfortunately the speed of the ball saw Paul Fraser unable to prevent the ball getting caught between his legs and finding its way to the net.

On 31 mins Celtic could have gone two ahead - experience told as James Darcy positioned himself on the line to clear to safety.Five mins further in to the clash and the efforts of the Clonmel side bore fruit - Paddy O'Donnell beating Frazer and blasting past Sweeney.

Just on Michael Freiburg's half-time whistle, an acrobatic attempt had Sweeney troubled, the Cahir side glad to take the chance to re-group.

Six mins in and Celtic had a speculative cross put in the area, unfortunately for the visitors Frazer's attempted headed clearance ended just inside Sweeney's right post to cap a bad day for the ex-Buncourt Celtic man, on other days so often  the defensive rockpin for Cahir.

In an immediate attempt to make amends, Frazer was rushed to the opposition area and was most unlucky not to connect with a well-floated corner from the right from James Darcy.

The solid Ed Burke also came close minutes later, his header from a Sweeney free almost reducing the deficit.

Another Sweeney free to follow and unfortunately no-one was present to connect with an exquisite delivery.

After weathering the spell of Park pressure, Celtic were to have the best of the late exchanges.

71 mins on the clock and another Celtic attack saw Sweeney reacting well. Unable to hold onto it, the rebound found its way to marksman O'Donnell who didn't fail when the rebound landed in its path.

Cahir, for their part, had a last ditch effort involving Shane McGrath, Darcy, Shane Murphy and the hard-working Darren Sweeney, the final shot going just over.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, James Darcy, Simon Williams, Ed Burke, Paul Frazer, Keelan Hickey; James McGrath, Shane McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Jason Coffey; Darren Sweeney, Shane Murphy. Subs: Gavin Berry for Hickey, Alan Ward for Coffey, Shane Ryan for O'Dwyer,  Seanie Kiernan, Pa Fitzgerald.




18 September 2011
Clonmel Credit Union Premier League
Cahir Park AFC 3 Wilderness Rovers 1
   Scorer: Darren Sweeney 8, 43  Shane McGrath 35

Hoping to re-ignite a challenge for Premier League points, the Park started this game in flying fashion with a performance full of heart and determination against last season's surprise Premier League team - Wilderness Rovers. The early exchanges saw chances at both ends produce nothing until Darren Sweeney's 8th min volley put the home side ahead after good work on the left from Keelan Hickey and Andy Fitzpatrick.

Cahir signalled their intentions to continue in this vein and on 10 mins, a Shane Murphy attempt brought the best from the Wildie's defence.

Rovers best effort would see Brian Sweeney rush across his goal to smother a promising build-up. On the half-hour, an influential Pakie O'Dwyer put through a deft pass, splitting the visitor's defence, finding Murphy whose clipped pass set Darren Sweeney up for what might be his second, only to see his shot blocked.

At the other end, Rovers were clear through on goal with ten mins to the break, Brian Sweeney called into action again. Immediately after, the second goal arrived, man of the match Hickey feeding the returning Shane McGrath whose pinpoint pass allowed Sweeney a momentary control before laying it back for McGrath to blast home past a helpless Wilderness keeper from all of twenty yards.

After good work by an effervescent James McGrath - bossing the right wing - provided Murphy with a chance to break through and make a clinical pass, Sweeney was through once again and bearing down on goal, his second touch one too many to allow him make the best of his chance.

One of the highlights of the game saw Andy Fitzpatrick weave his way past two defenders on 41 mins, his powerful shot cannoning off a keeper unaware of the danger.

Cahir's third arrived two mins after, a goal that perhaps flattered the home side on the balance of play. It's quality however was not in doubt. From a clearance from defence by the tireless Ed Burke, the ball was pushed through by McGrath to find goal-machine Darren Sweeney in space. Calm under pressure, he took the ball round the keeper and passed it in to the net.

Half-time beckoned and the Park's desire for a clean sheet saw determined efforts from Paul Frasier, Simon Williams and, just on half-time, Hickey foil potentially scoreable chances from the visitors.

The second half was barely a minute old when a corner for the Clonmel side, with two changes made, saw the always dangerous marksman Jonas Kerr finish unopposed with a header.

On fifty - five mins, Fitzpatrick had a rasping shot rise over while, Wilderness sensing there may be something in the game for them, kept up the pressure to maintain keeper  Sweeney's concentration.

The two - goal difference was maintained thanks to Burke's clearance off the line on 65, for once the strong Sweeney beaten.

Within sight of the end-line, Murphy's interception on the left was crossed with purpose but cleared before a fourth would arrive.

The same player would have the final effort of consequence when through one-on-one with the keeper, only to see the latter claim the ball at his feet.

The final whistle from John Lyons was welcomed by a sizeable home crowd, three valuable points gathered on a pleasant September Sunday.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, Simon Williams, Ed Burke, Paul Frazer, Keelan Hickey; James McGrath, Shane McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Andy Fitzpatrick; Darren Sweeney, Shane Murphy. Subs: Seanie Kiernan for Williams, Alan Ward for Darren Sweeney, Jason Grant, Eamon Wootton.

11 September 2011
Clonmel Credit Union Premier League
St Michaels 4  Cahir Park AFC 0

Early exchanges in this one at Cooke Park suggested Cahir were going to have a tough time of it with the home side completely bossing the first half-hour, many of the visitors first eleven not operating at peak performance. However, as the game progressed, the Park got in to the game more and based on the first half hour of the second were worth more than what the final score might suggest.

Fielding only two of the personnel that had started in the last trip to Cooke Park, Cahir had trouble with the quick accurate passing game of John Cremin's men and were one behind on 13mins, Pakie O'Dwyer putting through his own goal when an attempted clearance from a corner squirmed inside Declan Enright's left-hand post.

With John  Connery in fine form up front, aided by an effective Trevor Cosgrove, the Park defence was under siege for large periods of the game and but for a man-of the match performance by Simon Williams who always encouraged  his colleagues, things could have got worse not long afterward.

Enright was easily the busier of the keepers, making an instinctive point-blank save from Pa Quinn on 21mins. From the clearance to Keelan Hickey - who combined well with Pa Fitzgerald on the left flank - there was an all-too-few attempt on Derek Breen's goal after some promising work involving Seanie Kiernan, Pakie O'Dwyer and Shane Murphy ended with Eamonn Wootton putting in a shot on goal.

Enright was called to action again on 39 mins after a good move through the middle of the Park midfield, sliced through the defence and a speculative shot by Connery found its way to the net in spite of the Cahir netminder's best efforts.

Cahir finished the half on top, Alan Ward worming his way through the Michael's defence to shoot just wide. Immediately followed this, a fine four-man move involving O'Dwyer, Williams and Ward saw Shane Murphy shoot to the right and wide of Breen's post.

Buoyed on by the arrival of top scorer Darren Sweeney on the scene, Cahir opened brightly in the second half. Within a  minute of the re-start Ward's free fed Sweeney who was bundled off the ball when the goal chance had opened up for him.

The return of Ed Burke to the Park was a welcome addition, too - his assured, strong possession play in the centre of the field one of the good things that could be taken from the game. Indeed one of the Cahir side's best chances was to come from Burke's work down the right to feed Sweeney whose header just flew over at the last moment.

As the Park chased the prospect of getting back in the game with a Murphy chance, the opportunities began to arise once again for a Michaels side always willing to make the best of such chances, Connery putting three between the sides on the hour.

Hearts broken, concentration began to lapse in a Cahir side who had put a lot of effort into a bright second half but now began to give the ball away far too easily, Enright called to action on 68mins winning out in a one-on-one duel which keep the score-line from rising.

With Kiernan and Paul Frasier kept busy at this stage of the game, commentators could well see a fourth arrive and although probably not deserved on the basis of what was on occasion a good performance from the Park, Michael's Richie Ryan was not going to stand around and let a 76th min opportunity go by - he finished confidently to the Cahir goalie's left.

With some enthusiasm, Cahir were to have the last effort on goal after a Hickey / Murphy one-two saw Jason Grant through to shoot wide from the edge of the box.

With some hard games behind, the Park can hope for better from the next few weeks with the next game at home to a struggling Wilderness Rovers side, fixed for next Sunday at the Park.

Cahir Park AFC: Declan Enright, Simon Williams, Paul Frazer, Seanie Kiernan, Keelan Hickey; Alan Ward, Pakie O'Dwyer,  Ed Burke, Pa Fitzgerald; Eamonn Wootton, Shane Murphy.
Subs: Darren Sweeney for Wootton, John O'Donnell for Ward, Jason Grant for O'Dwyer


28 August 2011
Clonmel Credit Union Premier League
Clonmel Town 3  Cahir Park AFC 1

Scorer: Shane Murphy 82


Cahir Park travelled confidently to champions Town in the hope of a positive result but try as they might a superior passing game from the hosts wore them down to leave the home side victors at the full time whistle.

Clonmel had the most of the early pressure with a young, but experienced visiting defence under pressure but marshalled by Paul Frasier at centre back the remaining three of the back four, with an average age of 19,  were composed under the pressure and forced Town to rely on speculative long-range efforts in order to break the deadlock.

James McGrath was closest for the Park with some wing wizardry opening up the hosts defence on 16 mins. This was followed by the dangerous Darren Sweeney and an effort from him from a free was smothered by the wall as Town broke with purpose.

McGrath was almost in again on the half-hour after Sweeney had broken from the right and fired a shot on the home goal.

At the other end, a typical fast break down the flanks had Brian Sweeney at full stretch to tip over to concede a corner, man of the match Frasier clearing with confidence.

The Park's passing game began to break down as the illustrious opponents began to press more forcing the Cahir side to play deeper and deeper, inviting on a sustained wave of attack at times. Cahir however were in the ascendancy as the half-time whistle went, forcing three corners in a row dealt with capably by a strong Town rearguard.

The second half was just six mins old when Clonmel forced their way through to have an effort glance wide of the post of an impressive Sweeney.

On 68 mins the deadlock was broken - a fast break down the wing, some subtle passing, a cross from Murty Tynan and the head of Jimmy Hynes put the Park one behind.

With tails up, Clonmel piled on the pressure and were two ahead from Tynan's piledriver from the edge of the area just four mins later.

The competitive game provided plenty of action at both ends, Cahir refusing to lie down and the Town defence kept busy. Trying for the goal to bring them back in the game meant Clonmel began to get more space and took full advantage as the Park's concentration dipped.

There were three between the sides with Frasier committing a foul in the box, Tommy Keating pointing to the spot and Paul Scully finishing with aplomb to the keeper's left.

Cahir, typical of the never-say-die attitude evident from this season's squad kept plugging away and were rewarded for their efforts on 82 mins when Shane Murphy was first to react from close range to the goalkeeper's dropped ball, leaving two between the teams at game end.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, Keelan Hickey, Paul Frazer, Simon Williams, Pa Fitzgerald; James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Jason Coffey, John O'Donnell; Darren Sweeney, Shane Murphy.
Subs: Alan Ward for Sweeney, Eamonn Wootton for O'Donnell, Jason Grant for O'Dwyer



21 August 2011

Clonmel Credit Union Premier League

Cahir Park AFC 3 Cashel Town 1

Scorers: Darren Sweeney 2 (1 pen), Shane Murphy

Cashel came to the Park buoyed by a fine early season win in their opening League game.
In a hard fought tussle, the home team came out on top in an entertaining game using the successful youth / experience mix of players from a squad of sixteen.

With the home side creating more of the early chances, Shane Murphy, James McGrath and James Darcy were close to breaking the deadlock whilst at the other end a fit Town side outfit looked dangerous when in the last third.

A Shane Murphy pass found the free-scoring Darren Sweeney, making a remarkable transition from reserve team goalkeeper last season, to fire a shot just past the post on 11 mins.

 On 20, the visitors were nearly ahead but some ball-juggling by earnest keeper Aaron Wall cleared after some lacklustre defending.

Wall cleared up-field to find McGrath on the right wing. His cross to Pa Fitzgerald saw an attempted volley strike the defender’s hand, referee John Lyons immediately pointing to the spot. man of the match Sweeney struck home the resulting penalty kick with confidence to put the Park on their way.

With tails up, Cahir were on the attack again immediately afterward, McGrath breaking free in space to have his one-on-one effort well saved.

The next period of the game was all Cashel and a succession of corners saw them unlucky not to put a dent in the score-sheet, Wall marshalling a busy defence which was at times more shaky than desired.

Midfield dynamo Pakie O’Dwyer almost had two between the sides on the half-hour, his chance well saved.

A couple of minutes later, he found Sweeney with a fine pass. Confidence high, the latter held the ball up, worked his way past a defender and fired home across the goalkeeper to make it 2-0.

The competitive game provided plenty of action at both ends, Town refusing to lie down and Wall kept busy when the visitors broke through the home defence once more.

There were three between the sides with Sweeney and goal-scorer Murphy combining well to bamboozle the Cashel defence when put free by a Hickey clearance from the right of defence. 

The visitors, sensing something was still available from the game, had the best of the next quarter of the game, the host defence busy and Wall foiling several chances.

The Park’s only effort of note in this period of the game saw Murphy’s header saved from a McGrath cross as a youthful Town continued to turn the screw, forcing several corners and long-range free-kicks as the Park defence held firm.

On 72 mins, another header from Murphy was saved and a great James Darcy effort also came to nothing after a promising run from the tireless right back split open Cashel’s rearguard.

Three mins later, a ball which seemed to have been under control in the Park defence somehow got tangled in two defender’s legs and broke for Johnathan Kennedy to take full advantage, this no more than Town deserved for a period of incessant pressure.

With legs tiring, a strong bench was made use of by Tom Ryan and Paul Conway.

With Cashel again on top in the last ten, and a ball cleared off the Cahir line in the last five mins, the Park can be thankful for a strong performance in the first half, this enough to establish a commanding lead and secure a mostly deserved three league points.

The visit to champions Clonmel Town is next on the agenda for a Park side promising a lot this season.

Cahir Park AFC: Aaron Wall, Keelan Hickey, Paul Frazer, Sean Kiernan, James Darcy; James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Jason Coffey, Pa Fitzgerald; Darren Sweeney, Shane Murphy.
Subs: John O’Donnell for Coffey, Alan Ward for Fitzgerald, Eamonn Wootton for Darren Sweeney, Shane Ryan, Jason Grant

16 August 2011

Clonmel Credit Union Premier League

Two-Mile-Borris 2  Cahir Park AFC 1

Scorer: Darren Sweeney (pen)

We kicked off our premier league campaign with an away trip to newly promoted Two Mile Borris, The game was a very tight affair for the first twenty minutes as we had what surely must be one of the youngest starting elevens ever on show. None of the youngsters were found wanting as both teams failed to create any clear openings. The home team took the lead after twenty five minutes when a mishit shot that went in off the post. We tried hard to get level before half time but couldn't find away through beforehand to leave us one down at the break.

We started the second half in determined fashion with intentions to get level and got our reward after five minutes when we were awarded a pen for a foul on Darren Sweeney. He dusted himself down to successfully convert from the spot. For the next fifteen minutes there was only one team in it with the host keeper pulling off three fine saves. Just when it looked like we were the only team going to win the game, we were hit by a sucker punch. With twenty minutes remaining Borris were once agin ahead. Try as we might we couldn't find a second equaliser as the home team held on for the three points.

Cahir Park AFC: Aaron Wall, James Darcy, Keelan Hickey. Packie O' Dwyer, Paul Frazer, Jason Coffey, Shane Ryan, John O' Donnell, Andy Fitzpatrick, Shane Murphy, Darren Sweeney.

Subs: Seanie Kiernan for Ryan, James McGrath for O' Donnell, Alan Ward for O' Dwyer





5 August 2011
Pre-season Friendly
Fermoy 1 Cahir Park AFC 4
Scorers: Alan Ward, John O'Donnell, Darren Sweeney (2)


2 August 2011
Pre-season Friendly
 Cahir Park AFC 2 Bansha Celtic 1
Scorer: Darren Sweeney (2)


23 July 2011
Pre-season Friendly
Cahir Park AFC 2  Park United 1
Scorer: Shane Murphy 17, 21

The Park was the venue for this clash of near neighbours from different leagues on a dry sunny Saturday evening.
In a hard fought tussle, the home team came out on top in an entertaining game using the successful youth / experience mix of players from a squad of sixteen.

With the home side creating more chances, Shane Murphy, James McGrath and Eamonn Wootton were close to breaking the deadlock whilst at the other end the Mitchelstown outfit looked dangerous when in the last third. Indeed from one of these attacks down the right, Darren Lynch nearly put them ahead on 10mins with a quality attempt to the far post.

An immediate fightback from the Park saw Cormac Crowe's effort spin just wide whilst Murphy almost connected to a cross from the right from the same player shortly afterwards.

On 14, a Murphy corner was met by the head of Wooton to go just over.

The deadlock was broken in the 17th minute with Mark Costigan intercepting the ball on the edge of the area, feeding through to Murphy whost fleet feet did the rest to put the Park 1-0 up.

 On 21 mins, Murphy claimed the ball in a busy goalmouth and with Crowe drawing defenders away from him, llowed him the time to pick his spot to the keepers right to complete his brace for the day.

 Just four minutes later, a defensive error allowed United through to punish impressively and reduce the deficit to the narrowest of margins.

  With 36 mins gone, a Costigan shot was deflected into the path of Crowe whose effort glanced wide.

  In a spell when the home side were in the ascendancy, James McGrath ran the left wing whilst Pakie O'Dwyer and Costigan kept control in midfield.

 With Mitchelstown increasing the pressure to gain something for their travels, they were the ones who would come closest as Gerry Ward's whistle brought an end to first half proceedings.

 A rash of substitutions from manager Tom Ryan, assisted by Paul Conway, saw Declan Enright, Murphy and Crowe rested and changed the dynamic of the game. With the vistors also making two changes also, the competitive element evident in the first 45 waned and a succession of free-kicks brought an end to the game as as an enjoyable spectacle.

 It did however serve the pupose of pre-season friendlies and the performances of an evergreen Paul Frasier and Seanie Kiernan as a central defensive partnership and that of Pa Fitzgerald, when moved to a midfield role after the changes, could be noted in particular.

 As the second half continued shots from Shane Tobin, Shane Ryan and McGrath again added to Cahir's shooting rate without adding to the scoreline.

 The visit of Dublin side Peamount United signals further preparation for the new Premier Division season in the TSDL, a game to take place next Saturday, July 30.

Cahir Park AFC: Declan Enright, Pa Fitzgerald, Paul Frazer, Sean Kiernan, James Darcy, James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Mark Costigan, Cormac Crowe, Shane Murphy, Eamonn Wootton.
Subs: Aaron Wall for Enright, Shane Tobin for Crowe, Shane Ryan for Murphy, Jason Grant for O'Dwyer, Stephen Conran for Wootton

30 July 2011
Pre-season Friendly
Cahir Park AFC 1  Peamount United 3

Scorer: Darren Sweeney (pen) 70

Our visitors from Newcastle, Dublin came away with the spoils on Saturday evenng last in a keenly contested game where two 16-year old debutantes put in impressive performances in the home team's side. In a time of change for the club, this was indeed a welcome development.

An early Peamount free-kick had the makeshift Park defence under pressure as early as the sixth minute. However this early pressure was weathered for Cahir to take the game to their Leinster Senior League visitors and put some good play of their own together. Last year's under 15 captain, Keelan Hickey, played his part on the right flank as Jason Grant and Shane Ryan took control in midfield and attack respectively.

An early injury to Kiernan forced his withdrawal and a re-organization ogf the team, Eamon Wootton, Pake O'Dwyer and Ryan all having off-target shots on United's goal.

On 13 mins, the influential O'Dwyer burst through the Peamount rearguard to shoot over. At the other end, Declan Enright was beginning to be brought more in to the game as a strong attack forced a save equal to it.

Ryan, creating great space for himself as the fulcrum, was involved in a three-man attack which, but fror wayward finishing, would have had Wootton on the scoresheet.

The opening goal came on the half-hour, the Park allowing space down the left on which a speedy winger capitalized to see Paul Pollard plant a firm header past a hapless Enright.

Cahir kept up the battle, a busy James McGrath taking control of the ball in the centre of the field, putting through an-inch perfect pass for Hickey to feed Wootton whose shot was well saved. Moments later, Wootton was involved again - his header testing the visiting goalie after a Ryan cross.

McGrath's speculative drive from 20yds had the keeper alert on 39mins. However poor finishing was punished two mins after as another purposeful attack from United saw them double the lead with a beautiful finish from David Maher, which saw him turn the home defence inside out to place the ball past Enright's left hand.

Early chances for Cahir in the second half, one in particular from O'Dwyer, saw the home side start the second half well.

Wootton was again involved on 59, a header from a Costigan cross coming close to opening the home side's account. However a resurgent Maher began to put more pressure on the home defence and punished them with another classy goal when waltzing through a home defence mesmerized by his deft footwork to put three between the teams.

Emigration has caught up with many rural Irish teams - the Park suffering in a similar way to other teams in the area. Last year the name of Eric Flannery featured in many Park line-ups. His current Austrailia base, with several other ex-Park men, means places to be filled on home sports teams.

The surname Flannery hasn't been long in being replaced at Ardfinnan road, though - another of last year's under 15s making his debut with a half-hour left. Ian Flannery had an immediate impact in his role on the right wing with Hickey switching to the left. Both confidently exploited the smallest gaps in the vistor's rearguard and some fine free kicks from another not long out of the youth team - Pa Fitzgerald - proved the future for the Park is bright as another Premier League season beckons.

Darren Sweeney, an early second half replacement, was involved in the action with 20 mins left. A cross-field ball from evergreen James Darcy found Sweeney on the edge of the area, He muscled his way through, was stopped abruptly, referee Gerry Ward having no hesitation in pointing to the spot.

A fine penalty conversion record was unblemished as he shot confidently to the right leaving two between the sides, just reward for the Park performance on the evening.

Sweeney was close again shortly afterward, almost getting his head to a Fitzgerald free. With the visitors from the capital with their tails up as the final whistle beckoned they too were unlucky not to add to the goal tally, Enright with three crucial saves foiling goalbound chances.

Cahir Park AFC: Declan Enright, Pa Fitzgerald, Mark Costigan, Sean Kiernan, James Darcy, James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Jason Grant, Keelan Hickey, Shane Ryan, Eamon Wootton.
Subs: Simon Williams for Kiernan, Darren Sweeney for Grant, Ian Flannery for Wootton, Ger O'Dwyer for Ryan, Stephen Conran for Darcy

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Sunday  4 March  2012
Tipperary Cup quarter-final
  Cahir Park AFC 3  Galbally United 2

The Park, coming off a bad run, may not have been the most confident entering this one but inspired by a man-of-the-match performance by Benny Ryan they needed to have little worry as the challenge provided by Galbally ended up not being as strong as expected.

From the off the home side were in attack mode with Eamon Wootton forcing an early corner which went for nothing. In fits and spells, United had Brian Sweeney under pressure and could well have broken the deadlock on ten mins with a rasper squeezing past the wrong side of the post.

Paul Frazer provided a ball for Shane Murphy to run on to, on 16 mins, but the latter's shot was wayward. A strong clearance saw Galbally immediately into the attack at the other end with Sweeney again equal to a looping header from Quin Perry.

A Murphy run down the left could have seen Benny Ryan finish better on 28 but a dogged defensive display from Galbally was making tough work for all the Cahir men's attacks.

The Limerick men were almost one-up when a defensive error brought pressure on the Park rearguard with Barry McCormack and Paul Frazer combining to atone for the mistake.

Pakie O'Dwyer was in fine form in the middle of the park, combining well with Shane McGrath and delivering a pinpoint pass to leave Wootton one-on-one with the keeper. Unfortunate for the home support, the goalie came out on top.

It was the home side who did take the lead. Tommy Keating was however quick with the whistle to blow for a challenge on the goalkeeper meaning both sides went in at half-time scoreless.

Two min in and a shock was almost on the cards with a speculative effort from inside their own half by Galbally saw them almost break the deadlock, with Sweeney struggling. The introduction of Eamon Gleeson for the injured James Darcy had given a new dimension to the Park attack on the right-hand side, allowing James McGrath to operate in a more offensive role. 

From his efforts, and following some nice interplay between himself and Wootton, McGrath provided a fine cross for Murphy's header to put the Park one clear.

Immediately after, and with the Park stepping it up, Ryan had a shot from the outside of his right foot almost slip inside the left-hand post.

A Keelan Hickey clearance found its way to O'Dwyer on 65 mins. With a nicely-floated ball, the inrushing Barry McCormack was first to the ball, his header at the far post putting the Park two-up. 

With Paul Conway and Kenny Burke shuffling the pack, bringing on youth striker Jack Marshall for his debut and Ger O'Dwyer in place of Pakie O'Dwyer, Cahir showed all the signs of a team in control, particularly with Ger O'Dwyer tangling with the goalie on 80mins to allow an assist for Murphy to make it three-nil.

That confidence was ill-founded and a resurgence from a Galbally side showed a lot of what they were made of. This saw them come back into a game that looked like a lost cause for them.

First, unchallenged a Quin Perry attack was allowed continue and with goal in sight he finished with aplomb to leave just two between the sides in the closing stages. Then, Stephen McDonald finished with a sweet chip over Sweeney to leave the smallest of margins between the sides.

The home side did have the last effort however with a Murphy one-on-one saved, the rebound squirting wide from O'Dwyer's follow-up. The Park travel to Tipperary town side St Michaels in the semi-final in a couple of weeks.

Cahir Park AFC:
Brian Sweeney,
James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Paul Frazer, Keelan Hickey,
James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Shane McGrath, Shane Murphy,
Benny Ryan, Eamon Wootton
Eamon Gleeson for James Darcy, Jack Marshall for Wootton, 
Ger O'Dwyer for O'Dwyer

Premier 2010/11 Cahir  Park Cashel Town  Clonmel  Celtic Clonmel Town  Galbally  United  Peake  Villa     St  Michaels Wildrns Rovers
   0-1     3-2  0-1   1-2    5-2
Cashel Town   3-2      3-3   0-1     1-2
 2-2   1-4    1-0
Clonmel Celtic   2-2   1-1     2-2     4-0
  0-0   2-1    3-3
  2-1   4-2       5-1  3-0    0-2
Galbally United   0-1   0-1   0-2   0-5
  3-1    0-7    2-6
  2-0  0-2   2-2   0-4
    3-1      0-0    0-2
  3-0  2-0


  0-1     4-2   1-0      7-2
  5-3   2-5   3-5     3-1   2-2    4-3  



TSDL  Premier League Table 2010/11

Team Played Won Drew Lost Points

Clonmel Town






 St Michaels






Clonmel Celtic






Wilderness Rovers






Cashel Town






Peake Villa






Cahir Park






Galbally United (R)







 Reports 2010/11

Sunday February 6 2011
TSDL Premier League
 Clonmel Celtic 2 Cahir Park 2 
The season finishes for the A team in the same way as this game concluded  - Cahir Park can count on yet another unfortunate ending spoiling what was to be a wonderful result with the visitors cruising to a 2-0 win, well in control, with just 6 mins left. Two fabulous long-range finishes from Man of the Match Colin Darmody, one in either half, had put Cahir well in command but for a sending-off and loss of defensive concentration when it mattered most.
Dominant for less than a third of the game, even the most ardent Celtic fan would have to admit their side came away from the early-morning kick-off with more than they deserved.
With veteran keeper Colm Lonergan between the posts, marshalling a strong defence in Seanie Kiernan, the departing Barry McCormack and impressive full backs in Pa Fitzgerald and, yet again, Gavin Berry; the final result was truly undeserved as throughout the pitch there were strong performances from all - with Stephen Burke and Shane Ryan particularly effective upfront.
Ryan was first in to the action - a spectacular overhead kick going just over on 10 mins. At the opposite end, Lonergan was down quickly to save from a well-worked Celtic attack from the left and once again, from a corner.
Following a robust mid-field challenge four players received yellow cards - two from either side and this helped to quell any undercurrents developing in to some thing more serious.
On 23 mins a Pakie O'Dwyer header was just wide following a good one-two between James McGrath and Mark Costigan, the former also shooting to trouble Celtic's keeper on 25 mins but a fingertip save saw the corner conceded.
Playing with the aid of a strong wind, the Park used it well and McGrath had another shot cannon off the crossbar whilst Ryan also had another good try. Using this tactic, Darmody made the most of the conditions - with 41 mins gone a shot that on another day may not even have reached the target, found its way underneath the bar to put the Park one up.
Berry had another shot go wide to the left allowing the Cahir side finish the half in the ascendancy.
The second half was only five mins old when Darmody, after a brilliant four-man movement involving Ryan, McGrath, and Burkeworked the ball across the length of the home defence, found space to unleash yet another belter - this time from 20yds - which flew past a stunned Celtic keeper.
Attacking the goal to the Oakville end, the Clonmel side began to show signs of what may be to come with occasional forays troubling Lonergan as Cahir began to hold what they had.
With six mins left, one of these paid dividends with Desmond Doyle hitting a rasping shot which found it's way to the net.
Buoyed by this, Celtic attacked incessantly for the last five mins and with typical bad luck, the last shot of the game - following a succession of corners - saw Celtic score with the last kick of the game, Craig Condon applying the finish.
So, the season in which the club celebrated Centenary year finishes disappointly on the field after off-field activities delivered so much. Here's to a brand new season delivering something more in the way of luck.

Cahir Park AFC: Colm Lonergan, Pa Fitzpatrick, Barry McCormack, Seanie Kiernan, Gavin Berry; James McGrath, Pakie O'Dwyer, Mark Costigan, Colin Darmody; Shane Ryan, Stephen Burke.

 Subs: Keith McGuire for Ryan, James Darcy for Darmody, Eoin Quinlan  
Sunday January 30 2011
TSDL Premier League
 Cahir Park 0  Clonmel Town  1

Early exchanges in this one went Clonmel's way as they chase another Championship. The Park, however, did put in a heartfilled effort and at game end, probably deserved a share of the spoils.

A crucial block from Barry McCormack took the early pressure off a busy but effective Man of the Match Brian Sweeney in the home goal.

The last game of the season at Ardfinnan Road saw Town close again on 13 mins whilst a Stephen Burke shot from 18yds had Richie Ryan busy after a neat one -two between Shane Murphy and James McGrath.

Murphy's shot from the left was well saved by Ryan on 38 mins. His punt upfield evenually found David McGrath whose shot put Town ahead after ping-ponging off both posts and several defender's legs.

The second half was won on possession by the Park who could not make their control count with a resolute Paul Scully marshalling a quality defensive performance.

Colin Darmody's free after 55 mins found James Darcy who was unlucky to have a shot saved. He later combined with Murphy to see the latter's effort cannon off the crossbar.

With three changes bringing a freshness to the Cahir play, the best effort of the second half saw Davy Williams drive over when the ball came free to him in a crowded area.

With one game left, away to Clonmel Celtic, next Sunday Cahir can take heart from a solid performanceand look forward to building for a new league campaign ahead.

Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Davy Williams, Gavin Berry; James McGrath, Jason Coffey, Mark Costigan, Colin Darmody; Shane Murphy, Stephen Burke.

 Subs: Pa Fitzgerald for Darcy, Keith McGuire for McGrath, Jason Grant for Coffey.



Sunday January 16 2011

TSDL Premier League
St Michaels 3 Cahir Park 0

Early exchanges in this one at Cooke Park suggested Cahir had the measure of their more illustrious opponents and in large parts of the first half and in the last half-hour of the tie, this was indeed the case.

Over time though the home side were able to take advantage of their fast wingers and one of them, Jimmy Carr, was first to test Brian Sweeney in the Park goal. Colin Darmody operating on the left wing for Cahir put in a good cross after ten mins for Keith McGuire to shoot on target in response.

Sweeney was kept busy in this part of the game whilst at the other end, a corner forced by Darmody off ex-Park player Caoilin O'Gorman saw Shane Murphy shoot a screamer just wide.

With injured James Darcy replaced by Man of the Match, Pa Fitzgerald, things began to develop for the visitors on the right wing. Meanwhile another ex-Park player Pa Quinn was involved in another assault on Cahir's goal with a cross from the left finding Fogarty to strike home to put Michaels ahead after 25 mins.

The Park, playing with great character were unlucky with several more chances with Pakie O'Dwyer, Gavin Berry and Davy Williams amongst the more prominent players whilst James McGrath never gave up hope on the right wing.

Murphy was in on goal on 31 mins only to see the keeper come quickly from his goal to claim. a lomg clearance openend up the Cahir defence with O'Dwyer conceding a free on the end-line which was smartly crossed in for Quinn to punish his old club with an accurate header over Sweeney.

Before the break there was time for McGrath to try to reduce the deficit only to shoot over whilst the keeper came to the rescue of the Tipperary outfit to prevent McGuire's effort from a Fitzgerald cross.

Full of enthusiasm, Cahir hit a purple patch early in the second half and good work by Mark Costigan earned a free from about 20 yds out. A rebound from McGrath's shot saw O'Dwyer control the ball on his chest and brought the very best from the netminder with a rasping shot tipped over. Following up, Davy Williams had a header come close from a corner and, at the othe end, Sweeney was out quickly to foil a St Michaels attack from a quick break.

With 58 nmins gone a  pass to Carr saw him take advantage of an empty goal to put three goals between the sides with his opportunist chip. From then to the end, it was all Cahir with new energy from subs Craig Condon and Jason Grant putting more bite in the visiting attack. With fifiteen mins left, Grant had a shot well saved whilst shortly after, he was provider of a fine through ball which almost saw Condon slide in to score.

The final attempt from Cahir's strong saw a Barry McCormack clearance reach Shane Murphy whose speed left James Walsh for dead only to see his shot go just wide.

Two games left, away to Clonmel Celtic and home to Clonmel Town, will determine in what division Cahir play next season. Certainly from Sunday's performance, there can only be a positive attitude to things finishing in their favour.

 Cahir Park AFC: Brian Sweeney, James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Davy Williams, Gavin Berry; James McGrath, Keith McGuire, Pakie O'Dwyer, Mark Costigan, Colin Darmody; Shane Murphy.

 Subs: Pa Fitzgerald for Darcy, Craig Condon for McGuire, Jason Grant for Costigan.
Sunday January 8 2011
TSDL Premier League
Cahir Park 5 Wilderness Rovers 2 
Scorers: James McGrath (2), Shane Murphy, Stephen Burke (2)
With no game in December, the A team started the New Year in flying fashion with a performance full of heart and determination against this season's surprise Premier League team Wilderness Rovers. 2011 has certainly looked favourably on the Park with three games played for senior sides, three wins and fourteen goals.
Cahir signalled their intentions early with Stephen Burke and Andy Fitzpatrick going close in the opening stages. Rovers, not in third place for nothing showed some of their steel with a penetrative attack allowing them in on goal with a quarter-hour gone, the ball finishing in the net only to be ruled for one of many offsides.
After good work by Man of the Match James McGrath - bossing the right wing - Colin Darmody had a shot on gioal which brought the best out of James Crotty in the Wildies goal.
On 22 mins a testing shot from Paul Sweeney had debutant goalkeeper Colm Nugent stretching to tip over for a corner, a set-piece always dangerous with marksman Jonas Kerr around.
Five mins later a Shane Murphy interception on the left was crossed with purpose towards Burke and McGrath, the latter rifling home to the delight of the home crowd.
Searching for a quick equalizer the Clonmel side had Nugent at his best again from a free. Keeping up the pressure, the Wilderness were caught on the break with seven mins to go before the break. It was Groundhog Day with Keith McGuire finding Murphy to cross from a similar angle as first time to see McGrath adding a second from close range, the ball sliding inside the far post. In a performance full of intent, the back-four of Barry McCormack and Dean Lonergan flanked by an evergreen James Darcy and highly effective Gavin Berry, held their resolve as Rovers turned the screw to reduce the deficit. It wasn't to be however and it was indeed at the other end that the lead could actually have been increased with Darcy stunning Crotty with a powerful drive from the edge of the area to bring an end to first half proceedings.
Tom Ryan and Paul Conway's forces weathered the storm with an expected early onslaught in the first third of the second half - Thomas Doyle, Kerr and David McSherry all taking turns to trouble Nugent from various angles and McCormack having to clear an Eric Keane effort off the line.
With Andy Fitzpatrick marauding down the left wing always a nightmare for Stephen Hennessy, a fine through ball from him found Colin Darmody who played Murphy in from the right only to see the attempt bounce on to the crossbar.
Persistency paid off for the visitors however on 58 with Sweeney finishing strongly. It looked like this might be the catalyst for a changed performance from Rovers but the Park, with a new-found vigour in their play were not letting this one slip.
Fresh legs introduced in the form of Jason Coffey and  Eric Flannery added to the determined effort and the former was
involved to pass to McGrath on the right to cross for Murphy to power home a header from three yards and put two between the sides once again.
Coffey and Flannery combined for another shot on goal before a crazy final three mins provided three goals - the first no more than a consolation for a dejected Rovers whilst Burke at the other end wormed his way through four tackles before finishing confidently underneath the keeper's despairing dive. Adding the final nail to the coffin, Burke was on hand again to complete his brace finishing with aplomb a cross from the left.
Wilderness left disappointed, having fought a good fight, the home side can look forward to a trip next Sunday to second-place St Michaels, if it's to be, in nothing but buoyant  mood.
Cahir Park AFC: Colm Nugent, James Darcy, Barry McCormack, Dean Lonergan, Gavin Berry; James McGrath, Keith McGuire, Colin Darmody, Andy Fitzpatrick; Stephen Burke, Shane Murphy. Subs: Jason Coffey for Darmody, Eric Flannery for McGuire.
Sunday November 21 2010
TSDL Premier League
Cahir Park 3 Galbally United 2 

Three valuable points collected at Ardfinnan Road on Sunday with the Park's win over Galbally allowing them to leapfrog the visitors to seventh place in the table. The effervescent James McGrath was first to strike the net with a fine strike on 16 mins. following a penetrating run up the left wing by Andy Fitzpatrick. Cahir, signalling their intent, were two clear four mins later, Stephen Burke finishing confidently with a headed goal following a repeat performance from Fitzpatrick.

The hosts were three in front after 57 mins with Man of the Match Fitzpatrick finishing from the edge of the box following good work from Burke who provided the through ball. George Healy allowed Galbally back in to the game with his goal from close range before United brought it to just one goal between the sides in the third minute of injury time when Davy Williams handled a goalbound shot on the line and was dismissed, Declan Dineen finishing from the spot. All at the Park wish Robbie Costigan a speedy recovery after he sustained a serious facial injury in the course of the game.



Sunday November 14 2010
TSDL Premier League
Cashel Town 3 Cahir Park 2

Cashel Town picked up three points on  Sunday in their clash with Cahir Park at Palmershill Park, a result that should see them safe in the Premier League for next season. Meanwhile, the season continues with the Park failing to ignite yet again, this despite showing such great promise in the 12th min with Andy Fitzpatrick giving them the lead with a neat finish following a Shane Murphy pass.  Fitzpatrick was close yet again on 20 mins when shooting just wide.
The game then took life as the home side began to assert themselves only to find the Cahir defence in good form. Continuous efforts did eventually penetrate the visitor's rearguard and an inviting free on the half-hour had Cashel level.
As Murphy headed wide for the Park at one end, another set-piece at the opposite end almost had Town in front. They finished the half the better team and on Tommy Keating's whistle had a  shot go just over after scything through the Cahir  midfield.
Five mins inside the second half and Town were ahead with Keith McGuire beaten down the right and the cross nodded home with pace. Ex-Park duo Kenny Condon and Joe Murphy kept things under control on the sidelines as another former Park player, Eanna O'Gorman marauded down the flanks for the hosts. On 56 mins his good work allowed another Cashel attempt which was struck wide when it might have more easily been scored. The Park triumvirate of Tom Ryan, Liam Butler and Paul Conway rang the changes with Mikey Darcy replacing a tiring Barry McCormack and Pakie O'Dwyer entering the fray instead of McGuire. It had an immediate impact with a back pass forced by Robbie Costigan  intercepted by Shane Murphy who finished confidently. Town, in reply, began applying more pressure with some neat passing forcing a double save from Wall whilst Robbie Costigan cleared another attempt off the line.
From the corner, Town made no mistake, going ahead yet again. Cahir seemed demoralized after the goal and Keating had occasion to issue cards to both sides as the importance of the clash dawned on some participants. The home side were definitely on top as the end of the game came into sight and may well have scored again but for some more fine goalkeeping from Wall.
Cahir left disappointed and can only hope that things can improve against Galbally, next week's visitors, as relegation becomes ever more of a distinct reality. 
Cahir Park AFC: Aaron Wall,  Keith McGuire, Davy Williams, Barry McCormack, Gavin Berry; James McGrath, Mark Costigan, Robbie Costigan, Eric Flannery, Andy Fitzpatrick; Shane Murphy. Subs: Mikey Darcy for McGuire, Pakie O'Dwyer for McCormack, Stephen Burke for Murphy.



Sunday October 31 2010 - Munster Junior Cup, 2nd round

Two Mile Borris 3 Cahir Park AFC  0 



Sunday October 24 2010 - TSDL Premier League

Cahir Park AFC  0  Peake Villa 1

 A relegation dogfight six-pointer at Ardfinnan Road, the three points going the way of the visitors - David Maher scoring in a crowded box with a rifled shot across Aaron Wall's goal from 2yds.

The 61st minute strike served as reward for effort of the Thurles side who came out all guns blazing in the first quarter and pinned the home side back for large parts of that period of the clash.

It was not until the 13th min that Cahir's first shot in anger troubled the visiting keeper, James Darcy feeding Pakie O'Dwyer whose shot deflected badly wide. O'Dwyer was also involved in the Park's next best move with Keith McGuire shooting just wide.

Inside the second half, the hosts took more control of the game and were unlucky not to score - a fine three-man move between man of the match John O'Donnell, Darcy and O'Dwyer seeing O'Dwyer head over.

Tom Ryan's men were then to endure a period of domination from last year's Premier League champions and it was in this spell that Maher broke the deadlock.

Directly beforehand it could have been so different had the Villa keeper not got a fingertip to McGuire's clever chip, enough for it to come back off the upright and rebound to the safety of the goalie's arms.

David Rencontre was next to try to create the equalizer only to see a busy netminder claim at his near post whilst a strong performance from McGuire was capped by another effort from long range after a route one kick-out from Wall, whose save in the last five mins from an onrushing forward from the breakaway was the last of what Peake might have had to offer in the way of adding to their goal tally.

A penalty claim waved away by referee John Maguire was the last hope for the Park and so it was to be three defeats in a row for Ryan's men - this League loss meaning this youthful team now prop up the Premier League table.

Cahir Park AFC: Aaron Wall, Pa Fitzgerald, Davy Williams, Barry McCormack, Mikey Byrne; John O'Donnell, Jason Coffey, James Darcy, Alan Ward, Pakie O'Dwyer, Keith McGuire. Subs: David Rencontre for Ward, Thomas Maher for Darcy, Eamonn Wootton for McGuire 


Sunday October 17 2010 - FAI Junior Cup, second round

Cahir Park AFC  2  Glengoole United 3

It was a case of different Sunday, same result as the Park exited another cup competition at the hands of opposition from the lower leagues with Sunday's defeat to Second Division Glengoole. However it was heartening to see at least some conviction in the Park performance with some semblance of pride in the shirt, the defeat probably harsh on the balance of play over the 90 minutes.

The early running in the game was all from the home side with Man of the Match James Darcy and a very effective Alan Ward coming close. Glengoole, to their credit, put in the effort, testing a confident Aaron Wall on a couple of occasions.

The best chance of the opening period saw a free kick, well struck by Ward, crash through the United wall, David Rencontre almost making the vital connection to break the deadlock. The visitors, stunned by this, began to settle, holding on to the 0-0 scoreline to the break.

Inside the second 45 the visitors were the ones to make the early running. After just three minutes they were one up. Another defensive error allowed a cross from the left which was met at the far post by the head of Stephen Holohan. It could have been two shortly after when another Glengoole effort flashed to the left of Wall's goal.

 The Park attempts to get a stranglehold on the game were beginning to have success as the second half wore on.  After 58 mins, Jason Coffey was to be the hero with a 25 yard drive caught just right and ending up in the top right-hand corner of the visitor's net.

Within three minutes, Glengoole were again ahead. Another defensive error allowed Jeff Brennan in, he calmly rounded Wall and had time to place the ball in the net.

The urgency in the home side from this 61st minute was plain to see and in truth they would have deserved more than they got. A succession of efforts with Alan Ward putting Robbie Cunningham's cross over and a three-man-move between Shane Murphy, Alan Ward and Mark Costigan saw Costigan head over also. Manager Liam Butler rang the changes, another Costigan header was off-target and still the equalizer remained elusive.

The killer blow came on the 73rd minute when Brennan stepped up for a direct free-kick on the edge of Wall's penalty area and put the visitors two ahead.

Still chasing, the Park kept up the intensity upfront and when Alan Ward's free kick ended up in the net on 77 mins, some felt it was just reward. The game would go into extra time if there were to be another Cahir goal. John O'Donnell tried hard to provide that, latching on to a Keith McGuire low-driven cross.

With further efforts from Shane Murphy - with a header - and from Keith McGuire's head following a pinpoint cross from Ward which was well-saved by an agile, busy keeper, Cahir could only rue missed chances and an urgency in the game which developed too late. However, the late condfident display augurs well for Butler and Co with the visit of struggling champions Peake Villa next week.

All at Cahir Park AFC send their very best wishes and gratitude to former manager Billy Byrne for his efforts on behalf of the Park in the early months of the season.

Cahir Park AFC: Aaron Wall, John O'Donnell, Pakie O'Dwyer, James Darcy, Robbie Cunningham; Seamus Reade, Jason Coffey, Mark Costigan, Alan Ward, Shane Murphy, David Rencontre. Subs: Colin Darmody for David Rencontre, Keith McGuire for Seamus Reade 



           Sunday October 10 2010- Tipperary Cup, first round - Clerihan 3 Cahir Park AFC 2


A poor game with a very bad result for the A team on Sunday as they exited the Tipperary Cup competition at the first hurdle away to Fourth Division leaders Clerihan.The hosts were value for the odd-goal-in-five victory as, having taken the measure of their more illustrious opponents, they worked on identified weaknesses and scored all three goals from similar situations.

The first effort of note from the visitors came on 20 mins with Mark Costigan's effort saved. Five mins later, Colin Darmody was unlucky to see his header go over the bar. Cahir's early pressure was rewarded on the half-hour with Stephen Burke scoring on his return, after an intelligent punt into the box by debutante Seamus Reade.



 The home team then fought hard for an equalizer with a free kick blazed over Aaron Wall’s crossbar and Thomas Hill putting a shot wide from a corner. Aside from another effort saved by Wall, the Park were happy to go in at the break one up.

Straight from the start Cahir were almost went two clear after sub James Darcy went clear on the right to cross to Shane Murphy who almost connected at the far post. On 63mins Stephen Burke’s free failed to clear the wall and straight from the kick out the first defensive error of the afternoon let in Clerihan for the equalizer.


Park heads began to drop whilst at the other end, Mark Costigan continued to plug away through a twenty minute period when little went right for the Centenarians. After good work by Costigan and a shot just over the bar, the horror was repeated in the Park defence with Declan O’Brien through two men only to shoot wide.



Immediately after, a hat-trick of errors let Clerihan through again. This time the Park were severely punished. Within the last seven mins of the game, Paddy Whack O’Donnell’s shot from the edge of the area slipped under the body of a normally-dependable Wall to see the home side go two clear.


Strong in defence, Clerihan were intent on holding out to take their place in the second round. However John O’Donnell, trying hard on the right wing, had a cross put in the box which Costigan was on hand to meet for what proved to be a Park consolation just on full-time. Glengoole visit Ardfinnan Road next Sunday in the FAI Junior Cup. Let’s hope the disappointment of the trip to Clerihan is well behind by then.


Cahir Park AFC: Aaron Wall, Pa Fitzgerald, Davy Williams, Barry McCormack, Robbie Cunningham,Colin Darmody, Mark Costigan, Pakie O'Dwyer, Seamus Reade, Stephen Burke, Shane Murphy. Subs: James Darcy for Fitzgerald, John O'Donnell for Burke, Keith McGuire for Reade


Sunday September 26 2010 - Munster Junior Cup, first round

Cahir Park AFC  2  Burncourt Celtic 0

A hotly contested game at Ardfinnan Road on Sunday at noon saw bragging rights go the home team’s way as Celtic offered little in breaking down a stubborn rearguard.

Burncourt, now with former Park youth coach Richie Burke on board, had some early chances, one of note fizzing over Man of the Match Aaron Wall’s crossbar on the half hour.

Wall would play a key role in the opening goal when he punted upfield after a Celtic effort was saved. The pass was quickly moved through midfield to find Shane Murphy un marked on the right. He slotted calmly home to ease home team worries of possession not taken advantage of.

Inside the second 45 the Park continued to apply the pressure with three corners forced in quick succession. the third, crossed accurately by an impressive Colin Darmody saw centre-back Barry McCormack rise above the Celtic defence to head home for the second goal of the afternoon as the late September sun made an appearance.

With the home midfield at times awol, Celtic did make some effort to reduce the deficit resulting in some full-blooded tackles applied under pressure. Pakie O’Dwyer, just booked for such an exuberant reaction, almost had the Park three up with a volley from another Darmody corner. Not to be outdone, Robbie Cunningham tried his hand producing a fine effort with twenty to go.

A rampaging right full Pa Fitzgerald also got in on the action, made room for himself and let fly a thunderbolt from twenty-five yards which rose just at the wrong moment. With little else of note, the game tapered out to ref Michael Cody’s full-time whistle, the Park away to Two-Mile-Borris or Ballingarry in the next round.

Cahir Park AFC: Aaron Wall, Pa Fitzgerald, Barry McCormack, Dean Lonergan, Robbie Cunningham, James Darcy, Pakie O'Dwyer, Mark Costigan, Alan Ward, Shane Murphy, Colin Darmody. Subs: John O’Donnell for Ward, Eamonn Wootten for Darmody, Alan Power for Costigan


Sunday September 18 2010
TSDL Premier League
Clonmel Town 5 Cahir Park AFC 0 


Sunday September 11 2010

TSDL Premier League
Wilderness Rovers 1 Cahir Park AFC 0

Friday September 3 2010

TSDL Premier League
Cahir Park AFC 0 Cashel Town 0

A fiercely contested game at Ardfinnan Road on Friday evening to take account of weekend events in Croke Park on Sunday saw Town and Cahir split the points in a game where both sides could have had benefit from better finishing.
Cashel, now under the stewardship of former Park supremo Kenny Condon were first under pressure with Shane Murphy, son of Joe, the opposing coach and also previously of Cahir Park, coming close with a shot blazed over in the 7th min. James Darcy was also close when put through with a quality pass from midfield.
Midway through the half, a busy Aaron Wall was brave when diving at the feet of Cashel's Polish centre forward in a crowded box.
Town, now applying more pressure with some neat passing forced a double save from Wall and a Murty Grant shot close to the end of the half were amongst the only real efforts of note before the break.
A Man Of the Match performance from Pakie O'Dwyer at centre back had Cashel under control for large parts of the game and O'Dwyer himself went close at the other end when his effort on goal was foiled by the opposing keeper.
There would also be more trouble for the same custodian on the hour with Mark Costigan, Murphy and finally Keith McGuire working well together with a neat passing movement that saw McGuire's chance from close range saved.
On 65mins pressure by Jason Coffey saw Cashel concede a corner with Colin Darmody breaking through from defence to shoot over.
Two more spectacular saves from Wall frustrated Cashel as they tried in vain to claim the three points whilst the home side once again had efforts spurned from first O'Dwyer and then a strong header from James Darcy.
As darkness fell on Ardfinnan Road, the Park changed personnel with the unfortunate Shane Murphy receiving an injury necessitating his replacement. On 88 mins, with a Costigan shot from a Pa Fitzgerald cross going over, the hosts chances final chance of victory ebbed away.

Cahir Park AFC: Aaron Wall, Pa Fitzgerald, Davy Williams, Pakie O'Dwyer, Colin Darmody, James Darcy, Keith McGuire, Mark Costigan, Jason Coffey, Murty Grant, Shane Murphy. Subs: Jason Grant for Murty Grant, Michael Darcy for Shane Murphy (inj).

Sunday 29 August 2010
TSDL Premier League
Cahir Park AFC 0 Clonmel Celtic 1

In a keenly contested game at Ardfinnan Road on Sunday, the visitors came away with the victory when a share of the points may perhaps have been a fairer result.
Celtic, Cup winners and challengers for the league title for much of last season, started the brighter forcing a Man Of the Match performance from Aaron Wall in the home goal. Indeed the Clonmel side could have been ahead in the first ten mins when Wall saved from point-blank range in a crowded box. He was again tested with a powerful drive in his direction on 16mins but, once again, was equal to it.
At the other end, as the hosts began to offer a challenge, Jason Coffey and Shane Murphy came close whilst Murphy was close again on 36mins with a rasping shot that deserved better, tipped over the bar.
Inside the second 45 on a changeable day in Cahir, the game ebbed and flowed with counter attack after counter attack, the Park no longer playing as deep. Murphy went close to breaking the deadlock once again with a 58th min free-kick from Pakie O'Dwyer, nudged on by Coffey with the visiting keeper smothering the resulting effort.
As the Park began to turn the screw, Dean Lonergan had an effort whistle wide. Celtic, well known for quick breaks from defence, straightaway forced a succession of corners at the opposite end. From one of these, in the 82nd min, the deadlock was broken.
With further chances at both ends almost changing the scoreline, Mark Costigan's header just on full-time, meant all points headed Celtic's way.

Cahir Park AFC: Aaron Wall, Barry McCormack, Davy Williams, Pakie O'Dwyer, Colin Darmody, Thomas O'Mahoney, Keith McGuire, Mark Costigan, Dean Lonergan, Jason Coffey, Shane Murphy. Subs: James Darcy for McGuire, Murty Grant for Coffey.

Wednesday 25 August 2010
TSDL Premier League

Galbally United 0 Cahir Park AFC 1

Scorer: Keith McGuire

Sunday 22 August 2010
TSDL Premier League

Cahir Park AFC 1 St Michaels 2

Scorer: Shane Murphy 3

A Shane Murphy header three minutes into the game against TSDL stalwarts St Michaels meant the best possible start for Billy Byrne's team at Ardfinnan Road on Sunday.

A youthful home side held their own for the majority of the game but eventually had to succumb to the guile and experience of the FAI Cup finalists.

After early efforts from Michaels it was Keith McGuire who had the best of the Park attempts, shooting wide on 21mins. The pressure then piled on the Park as the visitors, spurred on by Jimmy Carr and Shane Guerin, fought for an equalizer before the break.

In the last ten minutes, Murphy was again close forcing a fine save from the Tipp side's keeper. Mark Costigan was also close from a corner and Michael Freiburg's whistle brought the 45 to a close just as a Carr effort went over Aaron Wall's crossbar.

With Benny Ryan on for an exhausted Jason Coffey, the Man of the Match, the Park had to consolidate the opening half's performance. However,  just inside the second half Paul Breen brought things level with a trademark finish from a Michaels free with a strong header at the far post, this with 50mins on the clock.

With the visitors enjoying a purple patch, Christopher Higgins put the Tipperary side ahead with a fine finish from 25yds out on 66mins.

Encouraged by a good Cahir crowd, the Park then found a second wind and with renewed energy, a solid defence and Murphy and substitute Benny Ryan raiding down the wings, it was the latter whose effort glanced over on 69mins. The former had the best chance to get a deserved equalizer when put through in the dying moments from Ryan's through ball. Unfortunately for the Cahir contingent, the ball squirmed 2yds wide of the Michaels post.

Cahir Park AFC: Aaron Wall, Pa Fitzgerald, Davy Williams, Pakie O'Dwyer, Robbie Cunningham, Thomas O'Mahoney, Keith McGuire, Mark Costigan, James McGrath, Jason Coffey, Shane Murphy. Subs: Benny Ryan for Coffey, John O'Donnell for Costigan.

Tuesday 17 August 2010
TSDL Premier League

Peake Villa 2 Cahir Park AFC 0

8 August 2010

Pre-season Friendly
Cahir Park AFC 1 Moyglass United 0
Scorer: Murty Grant

First Division Moyglass United travelled to Cahir for a high noon kick-off against Billy Byrne's A team on Sunday. In an entertaining game, again using a big squad in preparation for the new season, the home team came away victors after a free kick from 25yds was met at the far post by the boot of Murty Grant. Pakie O'Dwyer impressed in a defensive role for the hosts.
Cahir Park AFC Squad: Aaron Wall, Pa Fitzgerald, Eoin Farrell, Barry McCormack, Robbie Cunningham, Pakie O'Dwyer, Jason Coffey, Keith McGuire, Alan Ward, John Darmody, John O'Donnell, Brian Ward.

4 August 2010

Pre-season Friendly
Cahir Park AFC 1 Waterford Crystal 3
Scorer: James Darcy

31 July 2010

Pre-season Friendly
Cahir Park AFC 1 Ireland Paralympic Team 0

Played in front of an appreciative audience on a sunny afternoon, a great sporting occasion took place at the Park on Saturday last with the arrival of the Irish paralympic team, ranked fifth in the world. True to form, there followed a competitive game at a high tempo with lots of chances for both sides in a gripping encounter.
With youth once again given it's chance in the senior side, there were impressive performances from Pa Fitzgerald at left back, from Sean Kiernan in midfield and from Eamon Wootten and Mateusz Marciniak up front whilst goalkeeper Darren Sweeney had to be on his toes throughout the afternoon.
With the paralympians first to show intent with a cracker coming back off the crossbar, Fitzgerald found himself free on the right and after a fine solo run, crossed for Keith McGuire to shoot just wide. Efforts from James Darcy, Anthony Ward, Gary Burke and Craig Condon also proved fruitless in the seven a side encounter.
After the interval, a fine save from point blank range in a one on one situation saw Sweeney keep the home team in it as the visitors turned up the gas. Making good use of a crowded subs bench, the recalled Mark Costigan was to provide the finish that would be the difference between the sides when a brilliant three-man break involving Darcy, Shane O'Regan and Costigan was finished cleverly. Captain Pakie O'Dwyer's troops turned on the style for the final few minutes as the FAI-trained team began to rue some poor finishing on the day and with Wootten foiled after a fine run from midfield and Kiernan blasting wide just on referee Gerry Ward's full -time whistle, both teams came away from an encounter providing a worthwhile run-out.
CAHIR PARK AFC Squad: Darren Sweeney, James Darcy, Gary Burke, Keith McGuire, Sean Kiernan, Pa Fitzgerald, Eamonn Wootten, Pakie O'Dwyer, Mark Costigan, Shane O'Regan, Mateusz Marciniak, Craig Condon, Anthony Ward.

25 July 2010

Pre-season Friendly
Cahir Park AFC 0 Southend United 1

With opposition from neighbouring leagues lined up over the coming weeks before the start of another TSDL season ahead, first team manager Billy Byrne used all players at his disposal in the pre-season friendlies played so far. Plenty of youth team players, along with those fringe players from the B Team and some possible re-signings at the Club, have all had their chance to shine in games against Limerick and Waterford opposition.

In the second of those games – on Sunday 25th – Southend United from Waterford City were the visitors to Ardfinnan Road and it was they who came away with victory in an evenly-contested game, the only goal courtesy of a 68th minute penalty. Particular mention must be made to some youth representation on the day, namely Pa Fitzgerald and Mikey Byrne and to a man-of-the-match performance at centre-back by Davy Willliams.